Kwikset Smart Challenge Featuring SmartKey

The Kwikset Smart Challenge - a professional lock-picking competition showcasing the superior pick resistance of Kwikset® SmartKey® Deadbolts versus Schlage® SecureKey™ Deadbolts. The results of the lock-picking competition at ALOA demonstrated that out of the 56 Schlage SecureKey deadbolts that locksmiths attempted to pick, 44 were successfully picked, one in as fast as 7.16 seconds. Of the 56 SmartKey deadbolts that locksmiths attempted to pick, only one lock was successfully picked, at a time of eight minutes and 16 seconds. In percentages, Kwikset's SmartKey was picked in less than 2 percent of attempts, while Schlage's SecureKey was picked in over 78 percent of lock-picking attempts. In fact, while given a full 10 minutes to attempt a successful pick, 20 of the locksmiths who were able to pick SecureKey, were able to do so in less than 60 seconds.
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