To help you visualize how locks and lockpicking works, The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (TOOOL) has a ton of lock diagrams and animations for your viewing pleasure. The animations were created to help locksport enthusiasts understand how locks and various non-destructive entry techniques work. A range of topics are illustrated, including Lock Basics and Mechanical Operation, Introduction to Lockpicking, Manipulation-resistant Locks, Diagrams of Bumping Attacks, Key Impressioning, Master Keying, and other miscellaneous topics.

If you visited the Pittsburgh Lockpicking Club table at the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire, then some of these animations might look familiar as they are incredibly useful for teaching lockpicking concepts. Be sure to check them out as well as the many other resources that TOOOL makes available for lockpickers.

[@deviantollam via Make; image is © 2011 Deviant Ollam/TOOOL, used under a Creative Commons license]