The first article for the site is available, titled "Mul-T-Lock: Design and Security". It is a comprehensive guide to Mul-T-Lock telescoping pin-tumblers over the company's nearly forty year history. It also includes analysis of the attacks against various Mul-T-Lock systems and references for keying, coding, and patent information. Much of the information is not available elsewhere, especially the information on the newer MT5/MT5+ models. Be sure to check it out! The paper is available on the Articles page. (or direct pdf link)

In the paper you'll see various notes where I could use more information or expertise. Please contact me if you can help with any of these! This paper is very much a community work; many people have helped to contribute, review, and proofread it. I'd like to keep it updated where possible, so feel free to contact me if you feel there is anything missing or incomplete.

Black Hat and Defcon are in about two weeks. See many of you there! Check the Events page for more information on upcoming events.