Improve Your Lock Picking Skills (for Beginners)

Several people asked questions about how to improve their lock picking skills and, after some thought, I felt it was time to make an attempt at describing the PROCESS, not actual picking. Too many others have made super quality "how to pick locks" videos. Before I came up with this process I wasted a lot of either trying to pick locks beyond my skill level, or picking locks well below my skill level. I became discouraged and plateaued for over a year before coming up with a plan. This video is the short version of the lessons I learnad. Hopefully it'll save you a lot of time and help you get good FAST, or at least FASTER. I use Master Locks in the examples, not because I LIKE them, but because of their wide availability and low price. Please don't use them to secure anything valuable though... You can find Mike Gibson's (DrBint) "Lock Picking: Detail Overkill" at this link: The password is "evva3ks". You can find information about the "Ultimate Challenge Lock" at Check it out on YouTube (a couple of guys did EXCELLENT reviews) before you buy one. It may or may not be what you need, depending on your skill level and wallet size.
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