Lockpicking Fakery: Don't Let Tricksters Steal Your Confidence!!

Several of you have expressed doubts in your skills to open certain locks - and usually compare your skills to someone you've seen on YouTube. (I've done it too... we all have) Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more fakes making lock picking videos lately. This became crystal clear as I researched the TuBar lock (one guy said they are "easy", and he was "disappointed"), Medecos and Assa locks. Many of the fakes are blatant, obvious to the most casual observer. To detect some of the others you need to be familiar with the lock mechanism and security features - and I try to point some of these out. Often these fakers remove or disable some component of the lock, basically crippling the security features and making it incredibly easy to open. Don't let these tricksters affect you or your confidence. Recognize them for what they are: Fakes. My only question is: Why? Why would anyone fake opening a lock? Oh yeah, all the fame, money and recognition our sport gets... yeah, that must be it...
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