BiLock (Australia) 12-Pins + 2 Sidebars (Thanks Kokomolock!!)

A wild monkey with a sharp stick could have picked this thing faster than I did...51 tries! Jeez! Well, I may be dimmer than wild monkeys, but I got it done... 12 pins with two independent sidebars. My lesson: Don't believe everything you see on YouTube. Talk to people you trust and learn your OWN lessons. There are several vids about picking this lock and most of them have misleading or wrong information that I was dumb enough to believe. Thanks to Kokomolock for sending this pretty rare lock (at least here in the US) to me - I really appreciate the chance to open something odd, and different. Despite my slowness in opening it I really enjoyed the challenge. Thanks also to S1DESHOWMICK for taking the time to educate me on these locks and how they work. Without your advice and help, it would still be living in my unpicked box.
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