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18.05.2011, 12:50
Nice idea: a key duplicating robot. But what happens with it's database?
Frank (https://frank.geekheim.de/) brought this nice little key-duplicating robot to my attention. The ‘minuteKey’ seems like a great idea! (check their site (http://www.minutekey.com/machine.htm) or see the FAQ (http://www.minutekey.com/faq.htm) for the limitations)

I am not sure how wise it is to have your home keys scanned and analyzed by a robot and then identify yourself to it by paying with a credit-card (no cash payment possible). On top of that it needs your e-mail address in order to mail you a receipt. The first thing that comes to mind is that all this data quickly turns into a pretty interesting database, especially if the minuteKey becomes popular and widespread.

Combine that with article 2A and 2B two of their terms (http://www.minutekey.com/terms.htm):

2. Enforcement. MinuteKey reserves the right to disclose any information as it reasonably believes is necessary regarding your use of the Service, the Minute Key Machine, or any Product purchased by you to (a) satisfy any applicable Law, legal process or governmental request, (b) assist law enforcement authorities, (c) ETC…

Interesting times we live in …

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