: buylockpicksets.com: How To Pick A Lock-Video

17.03.2012, 06:10
Another great how to video for lockpicking.* Not only does it show you the practical side of picking the lock, but it also give you some internal illustrations of the actual picking of the lock.* They do show you how to make a lock pick from a paperclip.* I have tried over and over to pick the lock with a modified paperclip and never succeeded.

They do mention buying a lock picking set at a local hardware store.* I have never noticed a lockpick set for sale in a hardware store.* The internet has been the only place I have been able to find one.* You can feel free to try to make your own pick, but if you have any amount of seriousness for this hobby, just spend a few bucks and buy a nice set.

Please enjoy the video below.* The really did do a nice job explaining the process.


... (http://www.buylockpicksets.com/how-to-pick-a-lock-how-to-video/)