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26.03.2012, 09:40
Sorry for the low volume of blogpostings but I am currently involved in many projects. For example: with Lock-Experts (http://www.lock-experts.com) I am preparing some private classes that involve interesting locks to study and come up with solutions.


And with the help of some friends I have set up a locksmith service (http://www.intact-noodopening.nl/sleutels_verloren.html) with the name intact-noodopening.nl (http://www.intact-noodopening.nl) (intact emergency opening). The idea behind intact-noodopening is to practice what I preach during the lock-experts classes and open locks in the field without damaging them. It is the best of both worlds: make people happy by opening their locks make some money while learning. For the moment Intact-Open is active in the Amsterdam region in the Netherlands. For special projects we are available wherever needed.

Especially the safe-opening jobs are interesting and rewarding. It is a great buzz to open safes (http://blackbag.nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/intact-noodopening2.jpg) without damage and it is highly addictive. In a few cases I have manipulated (https://twitter.com/#!/barrywels/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2Fiaxttllx) open some mechanical Sargent & Greenleaf and LaGard combination locks (http://www.intact-noodopening.nl/kluis-combinatie.html) while in other cases I have picked (http://www.intact-noodopening.nl/kluis-sleutel.html) and decoded (http://blackbag.nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/decode.jpg)some lever locks for customers.

There is a group of locksmiths/specialists that will (try to) answer the phone 24/7. So fee free to give us call (or send us a mail) when you are in need of a locksmith.

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