: lockpickingforensics.com: Mul-T-Lock Article 2.0 Released

12.10.2012, 23:40
A new version of the Mul-T-Lock: Design and Security article is available on the articles (http://www.lockpickingforensics.com/articles.php) page. Updates include many retouched or retaken photos, a greatly expanded MT5/MT5+ section (now includes keying specs), a number of additions to the Security Analysis section (including MT5+ vulnerabilities discovered from 2009-2012), a section on MT5+ key card attacks, and many minor corrections. An earlier version of the 2.0 article was published by the Society of Professional Locksmiths (http://www.sopl.us) in their Security Sentinel e-zine.

I also did an interview on forensic locksmithing for The Forensic Examiner (http://www.theforensicexaminer.com) magazine. It should be published sometime in 2013; I'll try to get a copy on the site once it is available.

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