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20.12.2012, 22:01
Baldino's Lock and Key is a locksmith in the Gaithersburg/ Rockville Maryland area and has been serving the entire Metro Washington DC area for on 40 years. This particular store services both Gaithersburg and Rockville. www.baldinos.com Our Gaithersburg / Rockville MD Location is located at: 16514 South Westland Dr Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Call us at: 24 Hour Dispatch: (301) 610-7900 Counter Phone: (301) 948-0033 www.baldinos.com www.youtube.com A city located within Montgomery County of Maryland, Gaithersburg is the fourth largest incorporated city in the state, hosting a large population of over 59000, as recorded by the recent 2010 census. The city itself lies west, north from Washington DC and nearby the surrounding entirety of the Arlington and Alexandria metropolitan area. Gaithersburg is divided into east and west portions, with the Interstate 270 separating both portions from each other; the eastern section happens to the oldest of the two, the main original portion of the city before its recent growth. Thanks to this, many different landmarks and locations still remain from that time, particularity in its historical central business district, affectionately called Olde Town. The western side of the city is more affluent in nature, designed with a smart growth movement in mind. Although the western side of Gaithersburg maintaining a higher quality of life than the aforementioned, people living within both old and new sides of the city all need a little maintenance ...