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ERA Single Lever Picking A 5 Lever ERA Curtained Mortice Lock Using ICL Picks (Most of my videos are...

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: ERA. Артикул:
Описание: Single Lever Picking A 5 Lever ERA Curtained Mortice Lock Using ICL Picks (Most of my videos are tutorials with hints and tips for lock picking, Including bumping locks raking locks and single pin picking locks SPP using many different lock picking tools,
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Peter York Peter York 21.03.2018
The lever pack are all the same. So not that hard as false gates are all in same position and they are all above the gate. Light tension over lift and then let them drop back by feathering the tension.
         waddac2 waddac2 22.03.2018->Thanks for the tips there Peter. But when picking and not seeing the lever stack it is difficult to know where false gates are as picking blind so to speak. It is not until the front case is taken off that we can see what is happening inside. Thank you again buddy.. Great comment and thanks for watching.
acacia 258456 acacia 258456 24.03.2017
Hi. Been watching your vids and going to join the forum. I'm just learning at the moment. Is this called an ICL tool, if so where could I buy one? Thanks.
sovereign 1844 sovereign 1844 01.02.2017
Hi waddac since your a promoter for UK locksport you might be able to help me <br /><br />I&#39;ve signed up but for some reason cannot get an activation email it isn&#39;t anywhere in spam nothing. On the website it will say it been successfully resent one when I try to log in but still nothing<br /><br />Any ideas<br />Thanks
         pickwizard pickwizard 06.02.2017->Your welcome pal
         waddac2 waddac2 06.02.2017->Nice one Steve, thanks for popping along and helping out buddy ;o))))
         pickwizard pickwizard 06.02.2017->Hi Lewis, drop me an email and ill sort your account, admin@uklocksport.co.uk, thanks pickwizard
         waddac2 waddac2 05.02.2017->No problem buddy and will let you know as soon as I get responses ;o))))
         sovereign 1844 sovereign 1844 05.02.2017->Thanks a lot bud
Potti314 Potti314 31.01.2017
Very interesting and something special. Very nicely done. The tool that you used (the ICL), can it be used for most lever locks?
         waddac2 waddac2 31.01.2017->Yes the tool can be used for all lever locks buddy as it comes with two different sized pieces (Picks) that go into the lock to tension it. Well they will fit most 5 lever locks. Think they could be 5 and 7 gauge. Not 100% sure though as no expert on 5 lever mortice locks.
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 30.01.2017
hi Rich, nicely done and it nice to see a few lever locks being opened, well done!!!!
         waddac2 waddac2 31.01.2017->Thanks Tony mate... Yes, needed to dust my mortice picks off so do not get too much out of practice with them as they are a fun pick ;o))))
Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.01.2017
Great picking my friend, I&#39;ve never pick a lever lock, I have a pair of ERA locks like that, although it may not be the right one to start. Great vid, thanks for sharing buddy ;-)))
         waddac2 waddac2 30.01.2017->Thank you Carlos my friend. They are fun to pick buddy ;o))))
Randy Perkins Randy Perkins 29.01.2017
Nice job. I was just looking at some of these picks. Think I&#39;m going to try it out.
         waddac2 waddac2 30.01.2017->They are fun to pick Randy, so yes give them a try buddy ;o))))
Pick Beard Pick Beard 29.01.2017
Super work buddy,nice to see you picking something else other than pin tumblers ????????<br />I know it&#39;s practice and feel,but was impressed at the speed you knew that you had fallen into a false gate??????
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thanks buddy. Yep you definitely feel it once in a false gate and cannot waste time carrying on picking, so a quick re-set and pick again. Thanks again buddy. X
eclipsedave eclipsedave 29.01.2017
Thanks for the pic vid. I want to get in to lever lock picking next.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thanks again for watching buddy. They are great fun to pick ;o))))
de Ronchopathe de Ronchopathe 29.01.2017
Good job! I like lever locks. :)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thanks buddy. They are very fun to pick and often frustrating if you keep hitting false gates LOL!!!!
adrian leon adrian leon 29.01.2017
fantastico trabajo amigo. interesante cerradura. SALUDOS
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Gracias Adrian mi amigo. No he escogido uno por mucho tiempo, asi que pense que conseguiria uno de nuevo y tener una obra de teatro. Son divertidos de escoger. Gracias de nuevo mi amigo ;o))))
punk rock punk rock 29.01.2017
great picking
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thanks for watching buddy and thanks for the great comment ;o))))
BlackDolphin90 BlackDolphin90 29.01.2017
How much tension for these locks. Need some help please.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->It can vary from lock to lock buddy. I pick these like I do any lock and start with light tension at first and just go in and test the levers. If all move up and spring back down I start again with a bit more tension. This lock can be a bit funny as when 4 levers are in the true gate, the final lever is stopping the bolt retracting as it is very slightly sat too low and I mean very slightly, so I have to test each lever by just tickling them gently until I tickle the right one, then bolt slides back nicely.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 29.01.2017
nice...not something we see very often over here!
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thanks Jeff mate. I have not picked one for a while, so decided to dust the ICL Picks off and have a play.
LockButcherShop LockButcherShop 29.01.2017
ugh I hope to one day own a set of those picks:D how the heck to you miss that false gate? a lot of skill there. fun to watch:)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->It is a bit like picking normal locks as looking for binders but false gates are a pain as you can think it is picked then trapped, a quick release and remembering if high or low helps a bit to me. Like I say, I am no expert on these and decided to play again ;o))))
Locks Rocks And What Nots Locks Rocks And What Nots 29.01.2017
Interesting, thank you Sir.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.01.2017->Thank you Sir and hope you liked it.

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