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CISA Lock Picking-Single Pin Picking A 5 Pin CISA Oval Cylinder Lock. (Most of my videos are tutorials...

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: CISA. Артикул:
Описание: Lock Picking-Single Pin Picking A 5 Pin CISA Oval Cylinder Lock. (Most of my videos are tutorials with hints and tips for lock picking, Including bumping locks raking locks and single pin picking locks SPP using many different lock picking tools, Includin
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Gully Ali Gully Ali 30.01.2016
Hi rich do you have a Facebook page??
         waddac2 waddac2 30.01.2016->+Gully Ali
Hi Mate, no do not use facebook buddy. I did a long time ago but I was getting LOADS of messages from youtubers and could not keep up to the messages as too many from random people and LOADS of friend requests. Only think I use is twitter and google+ as my videos can be linked to them.
Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 28.01.2016
Great picking mate, CISAs usually more uncomfortable than comparable cylinders as iseo.<br />Thanks for sharing my friend ;-)))
         waddac2 waddac2 28.01.2016->Thanks Carlos mate ;o))))
Locks Of Anarchy Locks Of Anarchy 27.01.2016
Nice work my friend! Good clean picking as always!! Cheers
         waddac2 waddac2 27.01.2016->+Locks Of Anarchy
Thank you my friend ;o))))
LockSportSco LockSportSco 24.01.2016
Nicely dealt with Rich.
         waddac2 waddac2 25.01.2016->Cheers Scott mate ;o))))
Valiant Thor Valiant Thor 22.01.2016
Skilled and controlled picking as always my friend, a pleasure to watch.
         waddac2 waddac2 05.02.2016->+Thor
There has been the very odd time I have had my hand over a lock to tension but only done to keep camera in shot. From the very beginning I liked to get into the habit of just making contact with the wrench. It can be a bit difficult at times and strange, as you can over tension..... seems strange that it is possible just with a single finger on it but if not concentrating on what both hands are doing it's quite easy to push too hard now and again. I pick like this as it simulates the picking as if the lock is in an actual door. Once you get use to it, it is a great way to pick Mark my friend.
         Valiant Thor Valiant Thor 05.02.2016->+waddac2 I often try your style of picking my friend, ie without resting my hand over the lock to tension is etc, it's impossible. It highlights just how skilful you are, to be able to control the tension whilst maintaining control of your wrists hands and pick is just incredible. I think I've trained my mind and body to be a lazy picker, for example I can't do rim cylinders as its picking up. I need to work on a lot of things.
         waddac2 waddac2 22.01.2016->Thanks Mark my friend and always a pleasure to see you ;o))))
Roland Lo Roland Lo 21.01.2016
Great Job!<br />I opined that CISA locks are even more tricky and difficult to pick than the notorious Yale ones.
         waddac2 waddac2 21.01.2016->+Roland Lo
Thanks for watching Roland. Some CISA locks can be a real pain to pick.
CopLock CopLock 20.01.2016
Excellent work as always m8.
         waddac2 waddac2 20.01.2016->Thanks Rick buddy ;o))))
Pick Beard Pick Beard 19.01.2016
Looked like there was plenty of Spring tension behind the driver pins!!<br />Do you find the ovals you pick you have to push the pins further down opposed to the &quot;euro&quot; profile locks????<br />Nice picking by the way buddy?????
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Cheers PB mate. I find ovals can vary from one to the other. There are times I have tickled each pins to set them, but other times drive on them sledge hammer style.
Steensy Steensy 19.01.2016
Great vid mate. Pickin looked so smooth and precise. Pleasure to watch. Oh and btw intresting driver pin for position 1.
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Cheers buddy. Yes I found the pins interesting. Also first two key pins are steel. I the past I have seen first key pin and first driver steel with anti-drill pins both sides.. obviously the driver was a standard looking pin and not a security.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 19.01.2016
well done!
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Cheers Jeff buddy.
Vintage Lava Lamp Collections Vintage Lava Lamp Collections 19.01.2016
I felt a little let down on the lack of excitement when you got that open. :( must try harder to get excited! lol to easy for you? challange yourself! try a masterlock... :p
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->I will set myself a big challenge then and try a master No3 LOL!!!!
Potti314 Potti314 19.01.2016
Love the seconds of concentrated picking. Must have tight tolerances. Unusual shape for a CISA (at least for me who knows them only as euro cylinders). Great picking mate.
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Thanks mate. The lock can fly open or she takes her time. When camera not on and me not talking away she is a blessing to work with LOL!!!!
Mr_Glibb Mr_Glibb 19.01.2016
I&#39;m a complete novice and I want to get into locksport. Can you suggest some good places to star?
         waddac2 waddac2 25.01.2016->You are far too kind my friend with your very kind words regarding myself as a picker. I do still look at myself as an amateur due to so much to learn with every lock I pick.
         Valiant Thor Valiant Thor 22.01.2016->+Mr_Glibb UKLS is a brilliant site and there you will find beginners to the best in the world such as Waddac2. My advice is very simple, spend as little as you can. GOSO hooks and a few wrenches shouldn't cost you too much. As your local locksmith or hardware store for any old locks without keys. It makes no real difference what the locks are as the key to this sport is practice. There is no magic trick, no magic pick just good old practice, reading and asking questions. I'd imagine 95% of people coming in will leave very quickly, all have the same thinking that this is easy, it's not, all don't practice and fail. There are locks even the best can't open. Those you see on camera unless otherwise stated have picked the locks before putting them on camera. However, the minute the camera goes on even the easiest of locks won't open. Follow Waddac2, Bosnian Bill, JJ80, Pickwizard and the Admins on UKLS. Watch how they do it, look at the wrenches they use, how they hold them etc.
         waddac2 waddac2 20.01.2016->+Mr_Glibb
Lots of the pins are works of art in custom pinned locks as with them being done by hand it would be very difficult or impossible to ever create the exact same one again ;o))))
         Mr_Glibb Mr_Glibb 20.01.2016->@waddac2
That's awesome, there's something so appealing about the idea of creating custom locks with the express intent of having them picked by other people. It sounds like a great challenge for people used to dealing with factory made locks that, thanks to mass production, just don't have the intricate details you can put into something homemade. I'd love to get to the point where I can pick the custom locks in circulation myself.
         waddac2 waddac2 20.01.2016->+Mr_Glibb
No buddy, not just an American thing. We have many custom built locks going around on our forum that different members make and send on.... Once they have finished, they are passed onto other members of the forum in the UK...... and then sent over seas to our over the pond members etc..
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 19.01.2016
well done! and that is a real clear shot of them driver pins at the end, lol didn&#39;t give you much trouble eh.. :-)
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Thanks Tony... Photos are better than the picking mate as it picked a lot quicker off camera moments before LOL!!!!!
REDEYE Locksport REDEYE Locksport 19.01.2016
Nice, Very Smooth Picking.
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Thanks Red buddy, but took it's time for the camera.
Mup I said Mup I said 19.01.2016
Make it look easy ?
         waddac2 waddac2 19.01.2016->Thanks my friend, you are too kind ;o))))

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