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IKON Single Pin Picking A Zeiss IKON 6 Pin Euro Cylinder Lock With A Nasty Key Way And Showing Pins...

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: IKON. Артикул:
Описание: Single Pin Picking A Zeiss IKON 6 Pin Euro Cylinder Lock With A Nasty Key Way And Showing Pins (Most of my videos are tutorials with hints and tips for lock picking, Including bumping locks raking locks and single pin picking locks SPP using many differen
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Mark Mason Mark Mason 01.09.2015
What do you believe to be the best cylinder door lock available to the public for security? I'm assuming it's the diamond approved Brisant Ultion or Avocet ABS MK3 Snap-Secure Locks but I would love to know your thoughts on this? thanks
Nicholas Aarons Nicholas Aarons 24.06.2015
Awesome Picking Rich. Really Cool Lock. N.
         waddac2 waddac2 25.06.2015->Cheers Nick mate.
LockSportSco LockSportSco 15.06.2015
Nicely dealt with Rich, that&#39;s an interesting lock.<br />Well picked
         waddac2 waddac2 15.06.2015->Cheers Scott mate ;o))))
themadmagi themadmagi 29.05.2015
Wow that is a nasty keyway!  good Job my friend!
         waddac2 waddac2 01.06.2015->I do hope you feel a lot better soon my friend
         themadmagi themadmagi 01.06.2015->Thank you.  Been rather sick for a while, so slowed down on things.  Found out allergic to many food groups.  Starting to feel better and get back on the locks :)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thank you and hope you are keeping well my friend.
dirk dirk 29.05.2015
Wow Rich, outstanding and quick picking my friend. These keyways are from hell, and my Zeiss has additional wards on the side of the key. It&#39;s fare over my skills.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->@dirk I certainly will mate ;o))))
         dirk dirk 29.05.2015->@waddac2 Oh yes, let us know. 
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thanks Dirk my friend. Yes key way is a pain but once past it, its easy to pick, maybe because of the wafers. I have put the lock back together but may gut it again and remove wafers and see how it picks.
Valiant Thor Valiant Thor 29.05.2015
Outstanding as always my friend. Brilliant lock, picking and I&#39;m loving the new music.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thanks Mark my friend, it is a nice lock. Yes I love the new music mate. I had to change it due to copy right warnings for my saint theme, so went to a free music website and this tune was the first I listened to a fell in love with it straight away ;o))))
slim_pickins slim_pickins 29.05.2015
Nicely handled as usual Rich. The drivers on 2,3 &amp; 4 are very tasty. Sometimes nasty warding is all the security you need. I have an Asec on loan, along with an Assa of mine, that are unpickable because of their warding alone. <br />Well done again pal.
l0ckcr4ck3r l0ckcr4ck3r 29.05.2015
Thats sick Rich!!! and the speed in which you did it, just awesome!! Take the master wafers out before you reassemble it for the next guy ;-)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Cheers mate. I have already put it back together with all wafers in place. May gut it again at weekend and take wafers out and see how she plays. It's funny as they are not flat wafers and more like UFO shaped with a hole in the middle. Not sure if that is normal as never come across master wafers before.
Javid Patel Javid Patel 29.05.2015
Nice picking brilliant New way of tensioning I&#39;m going to give that way a go
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Cheers Javid mate.... Yes it's an interesting way of tension when I first started playing around, but works a treat as it is difficult to over tension in that position.
Welsh Kaibigan Welsh Kaibigan 29.05.2015
Very nice one Rich. Was a hard keyway to deal with.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thanks my friend... Yes the key way was the hardest part and once past the wards with the pick it flies open. It picks exact same on other side of the lock.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 29.05.2015
Well done!
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Cheers Jeff mate.
LDU2U LDU2U 29.05.2015
Well done Rich, nice picking ;-)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Cheers Nev mate ;o))))
Michael Snyder Michael Snyder 29.05.2015
Excellent picking and really skilled getting around that warding! (i sometimes pick warding as a side hobby LOL!)
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thank you Michael.... LOL!!!!! the bit about you picking wards as a hobby. I many time have hit ward thinking its a pit as you move the plug at same time thinking counter from a spool LOL!!!!
Jerry Welch Jerry Welch 29.05.2015
great picking on the lock with a evil keyway from hell
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->Thanks Jerry my friend. It is the key way that throws you thinking it's an evil lock... but its only the key way that is evil and is like a pussy cat once you get round the wards.
Texas Jim Texas Jim 29.05.2015
Neat picking. That looked like it was big enough to stick your uh uh uh finger in.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->@Texas Jim Okay buddy, I will try do the video over the weekend at some point. I just need to find a place to put the video camera so you can see levers moving while I pick and so you can also see it hitting a false gate.
         Texas Jim Texas Jim 29.05.2015->@Texas Jim I know I am a lot of trouble, but what can you expect from an old man.
         Texas Jim Texas Jim 29.05.2015->@waddac2 Yes if you can send me one.
         waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2015->@Texas Jim No chance of sticking a finger in that crack Jim, even if you were married to the lock LOL!!!! I have made the see through face plate for the mortice lock I picked in an earlier video where you wanted to see levers moving and being picked.... Would you like a video of it buddy?

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