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ABUS [404] Abus 83CS/45 Padlock Picked and Gutted ()

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: ABUS. Артикул:
Описание: [404] Abus 83CS/45 Padlock Picked and Gutted ()
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Christopher Guy Christopher Guy 20.05.2020
I did notice that the core was an after market one as were the bottom pins. <br /><br />Compared to Master and other similar locks, these Abus locks are harder. That the 83 series has a removable core that you can change makes this Abus lock as secure as you want it to be.
trey kearns trey kearns 05.04.2020
First I want to say I&#39;m a subscriber in a big fan thanks for your videos.. I have a big question.. I just disassembled this same lock and it&#39;s very different inside. The front of the bible is etched 3000.. the core does not have the little hole in it for the ball bearing but the shell of the core does have what looks like a mark where maybe it used to be and it wore a scratch into it so maybe the court has been swapped? also I got wafers coming out with the driver pins on 5, 3, 2 and 1.. the driver pins are all the same as what you have. I also happen to have accidentally dropped the first three key pins and mixed them up and some wafers came out with those, which confuses me because the number one hole on the bible should have still been blocked. I don&#39;t know how the wafers fell out with the key pins but those are mixed up as well.. I&#39;m not worried about it functioning with a key because I don&#39;t have one I just want to pick it will it matter if I mix up the pins? Thanks for your time and any answer you can give me would be appreciated.
LoyalLockLark LoyalLockLark 02.04.2020
Great job picking as always brother and thanks for the review!
Chris M Chris M 13.03.2020
Kwikset titan fits kw1 keyway and is a 6 pin blank.
Shadi Gif Shadi Gif 23.01.2020
The LockPicking scumbag
UN-common Sense AUS UN-common Sense AUS 11.12.2019
So this wouldnt be a good lock to learn to pick ??
VicariousReality7 VicariousReality7 09.12.2019
My blue titalium 83AL/45 takes a seven pin snowman core..
Danny Lee: Rocksmith Danny Lee: Rocksmith 12.11.2019
Love your videos
Lane Whisenhunt Lane Whisenhunt 23.08.2019
The abus 83/45 that my work uses is &quot;anti pick&quot; how would I bypass that one with regular picking sets?
Crippling Demon Crippling Demon 16.07.2019
404: Lock Not Found
Kevin Koepke Kevin Koepke 23.06.2019
Thanks LPL<br />You can pin the 6th hole with a kw1 by using the tip ramp of the key for the bitting. I&#39;ve got this with the 300 core (schlage), and it works great. Came from factory zero bitted with spool, spring and cap for 6th pin.<br />These are great locks!
24 balla 24 balla 20.05.2019
Hi. What is a good pick for these locks?
         Ghorda9 Ghorda9 07.06.2019->depends on the core and bidding, try a thick short hook by default and than switch out if needed.
Spencer Spencer's Mustache 25.03.2019
What tools are you using on this? I&#39;m having way too much trouble compared to how yours went.
         Ghorda9 Ghorda9 26.05.2019->i think that's a peterson's short hook in 0.025
strutting2u strutting2u 29.01.2019
Lol Iv taught people who have never picked how to do that lock. I just told them to move it up and down moving it back and forth. That&#39;s how easy it is ? ? great video
Neal D Neal D 27.04.2018
Have one of these with a SC4 keyway I pinned to an existing key I have. Suddenly it stopped working - maybe on the 10th opening. Spent about 30 min trying to pick it and no luck. It’s locked to a (my) storage unit and I’m about to either drill out the core or cut the lock in half. <br /><br />Any suggestions before I ruin the core or the whole lock?<br /><br />(It’s in Chicago if someone wants to make a few bucks picking it for me!)
Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 24.04.2017
Interesting, I thought that you placed the Z-Bar black dot facing up for key retaining mode and take it off for non key retaining. I thought that placing the Z-Bar block dot facing down, inserting the core back into the lock and turning the key would allow you to remove the shackle. I discovered this from this video: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUvwutf7SCY">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUvwutf7SCY</a> Also you can see his other videos showing the Z-Bar being used to remove the shackle.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 25.04.2017->That's exactly what I do... if I said something difference, it was unintentional.
Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood 08.03.2017
Awesome lock, awesome picking - as usual! I love the way you describe everything as you feel it, between your channel and Bosnian Bill&#39;s, I have learned more in a few short months than I did in 20 odd years of fiddling.<br /><br />Thank you.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 08.03.2017->Thanks for the kind words.  YouTube is definitely a graduate school for pickers!
Lock Noob Lock Noob 06.03.2017
Always nice to see some closed shackle action :-) thanks
         Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood 08.03.2017->I hear you there LPL! I was fortunate enough to get the 3x BNIB Lockwood 334C45s for AUD$50, I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the post. If you had more than one of these Abus shrouded shackled locks I would offer a trade, with me sending first of course so you know that i'm being genuine.

Next on the list is either that AUD$75 lot of 23 padlocks, mixture of Abus 83s and Lockwood 45s or a Federal closed shackle that is nearly 10cm across. It is hard to stay focused on one lock though, I see soooo many that I like, if I were financially endowed I would need an entire shed to house what I would buy...

I would love to have the materials and tools to fabricate entire locks from scratch.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 08.03.2017->I have an odd attraction to closed shackle locks.
TotallyRandom Locks and Picks TotallyRandom Locks and Picks 05.03.2017
Nice Video! Quick pick as always! :) The two I have are a 6 pin &amp; lack the window also take a LW5 blank, Makes me wonder what heritage the ones I have here are? (old stock I *think...maybe?) ~ Google Fu time.
         TotallyRandom Locks and Picks TotallyRandom Locks and Picks 08.03.2017->Apologies for the wording of the above question, Curious as too why there is a window in some 83CS/45's and not others?...puzzling that's all.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 08.03.2017->I have at least one with a LW5 keyway... Not that old IIRC.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 05.03.2017
more great stuff man!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 08.03.2017->Thanks.

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