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Medeco Supallama Challenge Medeco - Pick & Gut (Supallama figured picking Medeco Biaxial was too easy. He...

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Medeco. Артикул:
Описание: Supallama Challenge Medeco - Pick & Gut (Supallama figured picking Medeco Biaxial was too easy. He started with a five-pin Medeco Biaxial and added his own EVIL drivers to the mix. This is yet another reason people want to start a war with Canada.)
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Время взлома: 10 мин

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Boz Boz's Buzz 03.05.2017
That's petty much the deeepest false Ithink I've seen. Supallama's ring pins are just crazy!! Great pick.
chefgav1 chefgav1 18.03.2017
Not sure if it's my eyes but t seems out of focus
Kenny D Kenny D'Angelo 14.03.2017
awesome pick!! I meant to ask u in our emails if u had any cool challenge locks you could send my way. Anything would be appreciated. if you still have my email send me one and if u do I'll give u all the info u need I'm in the us in NJ so shipping isn't crazy and I can send you some in return.
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 15.03.2017->Hey Ken :) I have no challenge locks at the moment. I actually don't pick that many challenge locks, so they don't come across my desk too often. I'll keep an eye out for some though.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 13.03.2017
great job!! that is super evil
Noctis Motus Noctis Motus 12.03.2017
Good grief! I'm guessing that felt about as foreign as it could feel. Great job of adapting to the crazy.
Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 11.03.2017
Nice picking, <br />I like the drivers. I make mine a bit different. lol Those are definitely core turners. lol<br />Could you imagine using medeco drivers just to get the tolerances. <br />but those wouldbe hard to cut.
         Supallama Supallama 02.04.2017->Steel Pinnings - Careful what you wish for ;)
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks man! This one was fun! I was really surprised by how deep that false set was. I honestly still don't really feel like I understand why it was so deep, but it was way over there!
koen 010 koen 010 11.03.2017
Genius lock, genius picking. 2 artists in a battle! Great video!
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks :) I really enjoyed this lock. Supallama is a master with the pins for sure. I've never seen anything quite like them.
Anders Juel Jensen Anders Juel Jensen 10.03.2017
holy freaking nightmare...
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->LOL... Exactly my thoughts when I opened the package. This one was pretty tough. The Medeco bit was the easy part.
de Ronchopathe de Ronchopathe 10.03.2017
Great: a Dom-Medeco! :o)))<br />Interesting feedback: Bravo!
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->I still don't really feel like I understand why it was so deep in the false set. All the counterrotation was really manual. Only very rarely did I get anything from pressing up on the pins.
Drew Estes Drew Estes 10.03.2017
Nice picking bud! You are officially the high security king! Lol. Keep on picking!
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->blush thanks man! I like to pick locks that I find interesting. I appreciate your watching and your very kind words :)
Leon Leon's lockpad 10.03.2017
very nice picking m8???
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks Leon! This one was quite the lock! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for watching!
Sidewinder Sidewinder 10.03.2017
Great pick, pretty creative lock
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks so much! The lock was very creative! Supallama is really a genius with the pins!
James Murphy James Murphy 10.03.2017
Great pick. Really enjoyed the video. Awesome pinnning.
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks James! Glad you enjoyed the video! Supallama is a masterful lock builder! Not sure where he came up with the idea of the pins, but they are tough to pick!
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thanks Larry! Work has been busy and I've been pretty tired in the evenings lately. Just had not had the normal level of picking energy the past month or so. One of the things that is most important to me is that I only make videos about locks that are difficult or otherwise interesting. These tend to be hard to get, hard to pick and expensive which limits the volume a bit, LOL. Rest assured that I have some very big challenges in the pipeline :) Probably the most difficult lock EVER is currently in route to me as I write this, LOL.
awesome pick. they look like potti314 Dom s pins. good job making them
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->OK, no problem. I mentioned it in the comments in case you wanted to try it out. Sorry if I jumped the gun.
         LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE 11.03.2017->tumbl3r Think I need some more practise before tackling that monster but I'll get with him about it
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Yeah, very very little feedback from this one. Sometimes I could get a little, but as often as not, there was just nothing and I needed to manually counterrotate the core to get them past sheer. If you would like to try this lock, it is with +MMDeveloper now. I think +Supallama Challenge Locks wants it back to do an overhaul, but you might be able to get +MMDeveloper to send it your way beforehand. Both of those guys are on the lockpicking subreddit.
         LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE 11.03.2017->tumbl3r I would guess the small size of the nail and the wafers in the larger hole of the MEDECO put the driver at an amazing angle just jamming it up. You did a great job overcoming it and getting it picked
         LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE LOCKPICKING HEAVEN’S GATE 11.03.2017->tumbl3r potti314 had them in video 128. That's the first time I saw them. steel pinnings made some to. they are tough looking pins I've never picked them. amazing false sets and seams like no feedback
Bored Lock picker Bored Lock picker 10.03.2017
nice work dude! pretty sweet lock too
         Bored Lock picker Bored Lock picker 11.03.2017->tumbl3r lol thanks. Those mini bar locks are no match for me with a coffee stir stick ???
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Thx BLP! Been enjoying your videos too!
Jeffrey Post Jeffrey Post 10.03.2017
i can&#39;t pick a medeco at this time, i can rake a few of them though
no-trick-pony_lockpicking no-trick-pony_lockpicking 10.03.2017
Oh my.. making a challenge lock out of a Medeco with that pinning.. sounds rather sadistic! xD Great picking &amp; thanks for gutting it. Was really curious to see the insides and kinda surprised that just the specificg pinning causes that much of a false set!
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->I was so shocked at how deep that false set was. I still don't really feel like I understand why it was so deep, but it was sure rotated a lot! The first time it rotate that much I thought I had it picked. The real fun started when I realized the challenge was just beginning. Thanks for watching and I'm glad you enjoyed :)
         Supallama Supallama 10.03.2017->Glad to see someone understands my madness :)
eclipsedave eclipsedave 10.03.2017
I really appreciate the close-up of the pins.
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->They are very beautiful pins! +Supallama Challenge Locks is a real master!
Henry Pendley Henry Pendley 10.03.2017
Damn dude
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 11.03.2017->Right? This lock was insane!

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