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Апекс, Гард [411] Apecs "SC" Euro Profile Cylinder Picked and Gutted ()

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Апекс, Гард. Артикул:
Описание: [411] Apecs "SC" Euro Profile Cylinder Picked and Gutted ()
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Время взлома: 5 мин

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Pyroman / Pyroman / 05.10.2018
If you ever go to Europe they better board there doors shut lol jk
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 14.03.2017
looking forward to the 14 Pinner! also see how quickly you go through the very cheap ones you have there ....
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Well, the Tessa 10 kicked my butt, so I'm not that optimistic.
DarkWoodPicks DarkWoodPicks 13.03.2017
Are the small notches in the housing? the ball bearings could just be to give a solid click into place when the key is in the right spot
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->I don't think so... would have seen it.
s l s l 13.03.2017
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->?,????
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 13.03.2017
holy euro!!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->:-)
GREAT REVIEW. to the point in under 11minutes also very well explained thanks for sharing. THANKS??????????
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Thanks.
Nathan 91506 Nathan 91506 12.03.2017
Where can I mail a payment if you are willing to make some bent tensioners for me and/or locks that I would like to send to you for use in your videos?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Sorry, not for sale... at least not from me.
Nathan 91506 Nathan 91506 12.03.2017
I always enjoy your videos. I have a suggestion: Please make a video showing how to bend a top of the keyway tensioner (the same one you use when you pick 17 padlocks while timing it). Better yet, please make some for me with the three width sizes and then sell them to me. I think there would also be a demand for copies of your pinning tray if you want to make and sell them.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Thanks.  Happy to show the bending, but it's really easy.  As for the tray... there might be something similar coming out in the future.
Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 12.03.2017
Very nice pick, and a very competitive lock.<br />One thing I noticed was the difference is color in keypin #3...<br />What you opinion on what and why?<br />Thanks for sharing all the deferences in quality among some of China&#39;s locks.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Not sure about the color.  I didn't notice.
Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood 12.03.2017
Nice haul! I was wondering if the holes where the anti-drill pins sit are in line with the pin stacks? As in, could you remove the fillers and use ball bearings to make it a construction keyed lock?
         Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood 16.03.2017->Mystery fillers. I like it. :)

Are they parallel to pin stacks or are they offset?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->They are in the wrong place for drilling... I also checked them.  Not hardened.
         musamban musamban 12.03.2017->I've wondered the same thing, surely the brass warding would be easier to drill than the anti-drill driver pins
         Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood 12.03.2017->I also wondered why people seem to aim directly at the pin stacks when drilling a core? Wouldn't it make it easier to go just under the pin stacks, clearing the material away beneath them and allowing the pins to drop through? Too small a hole and they'd just trap lower but the right size and they should be free to be poked/scraped out?

Plus, exposing a direct line through the bottom of the pin stack would allow a person to put a punch onto stubborn pins and destroy them to clear the plug. I'm probably totally off the mark, please correct me where i'm wrong.
Jess Hull Jess Hull 11.03.2017
what a nice package of locks. Its clear China is able to make quality products ( I mean most of the american owned high end electronics are made there I.E. apple etc) Its just unfortunate we don&#39;t get to see most of it. Nice picking as usual and I look forward to seeing the the others.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Thanks.
James Murphy James Murphy 11.03.2017
Nice Pick! Thanks for the video. Haven&#39;t started on dimples or European(Chinese) locks yet. anxious to get started
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->I've picked them all the first night I got them... except for the last two.  Have not even tried them yet.
camaro75LT camaro75LT 11.03.2017
I know you usually like to show bypass of shudder locks and other lock weaknesses. Could you see if these locks can be bypassed with the thumb turn tool?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->I don't have the tools.
Dirk Dirk 11.03.2017
Not a bad lock.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Nope.
Mechanical Security Exploration Mechanical Security Exploration 11.03.2017
Nice! The Apecs locks are very common in Russia :D
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->I thought they might be.  There was Cyrillic writing on the stickers.
l.fisk l.fisk 11.03.2017
Guessing but if those two odd pins in the side stick out a little when inserted they are &quot;shims&quot;. They would take up side to side slop in the core and give it a more precise fit. With two nicely polished points of contact the core would turn easier too...
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Nope... they are below the surface of the core.
Drew Estes Drew Estes 11.03.2017
Nice picking LPLAWYER! I am interested in seeing the highest quality and the components in them. Are they expensive?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Thanks.  No idea about the cost.
Stephen Stone Stephen Stone 11.03.2017
thanks for showing ??
Anders Juel Jensen Anders Juel Jensen 11.03.2017
Nice to see that the top wasn&#39;t flattened and the key holes weren&#39;t chamfered. The pins looked well made too. Probably bumpable though, which means that putting more security pins in it is kinda moot.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Might be...
Randy Perkins Randy Perkins 11.03.2017
Another one to put on the follow list.
         Randy Perkins Randy Perkins 16.03.2017->Found them online but once again they don't deliver to the US.
         Randy Perkins Randy Perkins 16.03.2017->I have some Zoo V10 and Carlisle 10&15pin euros coming. When I'm finished with them I'm sure I can find these. I'm actually surprised at what you can find on eBay. A lot of what I'm getting lately is online and have to have shipped to European buddies and then they ship to me. I really want to get the Assa DP and Desmo. I have a DP but no key. I'm trading that to Tumbl3r for the same Evva you got out of him. I was supposed to borrow it after you but you made a trade with him and he felt bad bought another to let me borrow. Now I'm gonna do the same and trade for the DP, lol.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.03.2017->Good luck finding them.

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