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ERA [416] Cold War Era Soviet Dual Custody Padlock Picked ()

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: ERA. Артикул:
Описание: [416] Cold War Era Soviet Dual Custody Padlock Picked ()
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Время взлома: 4 мин

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toby_belize toby_belize 13.06.2019
hackingpro hackingpro 07.06.2019
taTARstan mate
deee327ify deee327ify 06.06.2019
I guess it wasnt that easy to buy lock picking equipment in the Soviet Union....Probably a couple years gulag if they caught you with a pick...
Riela Koyama Riela Koyama 29.05.2019
It&#39;s for the bedroom...<br />you know~<br />2 users man and woman <br />or 2 man if that&#39;s what your into...
fuckfannyfiddlefart fuckfannyfiddlefart 28.05.2019
Wold you describe contemporaneous America as &quot;cold war America&quot;? <br /><br />I doubt it, and especially as America started the cold war amounts to a anti-communist meme
         Judged Judged 29.05.2019->we didnt start the cold war. neither did russia, for what its worth. after ww2 russia wanted atomic weapons of its own, and rightly so. they built atomic weapons, america got scared, built better defenses, and better weapons, russia got scared, and back and forth it went, till some dipshit gave the ok for the KGB and spetznaz on the russian side, and the Green Berets and then-badass but no longer badass CIA on the american side to start riling up shit to kneecap weapons development. i wouldnt call that a conscious decision, just something that happened and spun out of control. led to the largest non nuclear explosion in the history of mankind over in siberia, the siberian oil pipeline explosion, the castrating of our covert forces, the first deployment of cyber warfare in history, and a bunch of other interesting bits, some of which are still in effect to this day
yellow ked yellow ked 18.05.2019
It says &quot;Акционерное общество&quot; (&quot;joint-stock company&quot;). First joint-stock companies appeared in USSR during Perestroika in 1987-1988. Definitely not before Gorbachev who came to power in 1985.<br />Most likely it&#39;s 1993, not 1983. Therefore, it&#39;s not a Cold War Era lock, neither it&#39;s a Soviet one.
K 9 Poodle K 9 Poodle 17.05.2019
Klara zetkins and just politician nothing less and nothing more.
Wulfrvm Wulfrvm 17.05.2019
ok, let me just run down the list:<br />-custom gun owner<br />-lawyer<br />-absurdly good at picking locks<br />-wife speaks fluent russian<br /><br /><br />you are an extraordinarily interesting person
z rAVEn z rAVEn 11.05.2019
Have you ever been stumped by a lock you couldn&#39;t pick???
antibozo antibozo 09.05.2019
Love your videos so please don&#39;t take this as unkindly meant; you are a lawyer so i hope this matters to you:<br /><a href="http://begthequestion.info/">http://begthequestion.info/</a>
Matt Nelson Matt Nelson 07.05.2019
I&#39;m pretty sure that lock was designed to secure a chastity belt.
Kelsomatic Kelsomatic 03.05.2019
&quot;An unimpressive 18 month warranty&quot;<br />Something about criticizing the lack-luster warranty on a soviet lock really killed me.
Odysseus Mavrigata Odysseus Mavrigata 28.04.2019
*Date of packaging<br />Date of sale
M65V19 M65V19 24.04.2019
This is 1993, not 1983, because elements of a market economy: joint stock companies and contractual prices.
Anton Mescheryakov Anton Mescheryakov 22.04.2019
I really doubt the lock was ever intended for the military use. The closer look at the paperwork reveals that it self-conforms to the standard &quot;ОСТ 21-44-80&quot;. &quot;ОСТ&quot; here means &quot;Отраслевой СТандарт&quot; = &quot;trade standard&quot; meaning a quality standard imposed across a specific industry. Because buying something by the military implies government spending, it is likely that anything bought would have been certified according to &quot;ГОСТ&quot; =&quot;government standard&quot;. The pen-pushers just would not approve the expenditure.
ventisca ventisca 19.04.2019
<b><i>KGB/FSB wants to know your location.</i></b>
LuciD AYS LuciD AYS 18.04.2019
Sigaba Vignovsky Sigaba Vignovsky 16.04.2019
I like that LPL gave a shoutout to an avowed Communist, interesting man
         Sigaba Vignovsky Sigaba Vignovsky 16.04.2019->LockPickingLawyer Eh don’t undersell it. вся власть советами!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 16.04.2019->You don’t have to agree with all of someone’s views to recognize their historical importance. ?
Ruslan Sokolov Ruslan Sokolov 14.04.2019
every time he said tartastan i shuddered
Methylphenidate Methylphenidate 11.04.2019
Klara Zetkin was a communist.

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