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Tubular lock [421] Triple-Bitted 14 Wafer Cam Lock (Duo Clone) Picked ()

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Tubular lock. Артикул:
Описание: [421] Triple-Bitted 14 Wafer Cam Lock (Duo Clone) Picked ()
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Greg J Greg J 14.03.2019
I’m a brand new picker, I’ve been watching you for some time and just bought from a Canadian website I was recommended. I’ll try wafer when I’ve had a little more practice and see how it goes.
Polite Cat Polite Cat 13.08.2017
how do they come up with the ratings for how long it should take to pick a lock open? do they actually have people try to pick it? or is it just based on a set of properties the lock must meet? if so, i can't imagine what those properties might be, otherwise many more locks would have that 10-minute rating...
Lock Noob Lock Noob 26.03.2017
Great lock and pick. Very nice save on that tension wrench... when that happens to me it happens just <i>before</i> the last pin sets lol
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->Thanks... and I can relate on losing tension.  SO frustrating when you lose it at the end!
Noctis Motus Noctis Motus 25.03.2017
Very cool!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->Thanks.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 25.03.2017
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->Thanks.
Potti314 Potti314 25.03.2017
That was an entertaining picking with all these clicks and counter rotations. Have you taken apart this lock?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->Thanks.  The lock can't be disassembled non-destructively... at least I don't know of a way to do so.
Dirk Dirk 25.03.2017
It&#39;s still better that what I have on my tool box now; I might look into getting something like this.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->You could definitely do worse... you could de better also, but the price on these is usually pretty low.
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 24.03.2017
ha , short work on that !!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->:-)
The Lock Picking Lebowski The Lock Picking Lebowski 24.03.2017
I just now checked the label and I have the same Jadun cam lock. I thought it looked familiar. Others on my list to check out are as follows:<br />Sea<br />Medeco Duracam II<br />Abloy<br />Arrow?<br />Zeppy? <br />ABA 104411 flat key<br />DOM PHT cam lock<br />Mul-T-Lock cam lock<br />FJM Combi cam lock<br />Fichet (484s) cam lock<br />Camlock Systems series 35<br />neX Star cam lock<br />Abloy Protec cam lock<br />ASSA Desmo<br />EVVA MCS cam lock<br />Kaba cam lock<br />Medeco Axial cam lock<br />Miwa magnetic lock<br />Rav-Bariach Locxis cam lock
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->They all seem like nice products... for many of them, finding them is far harder than picking them!
de Ronchopathe de Ronchopathe 24.03.2017
Well done! A successful clone then. (Maybe a little more speaking). ;)
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->It's not bad at all as far as Chinese clones go.
chachi424424 chachi424424 24.03.2017
What pick do you recommend for picking tight Yale keyways? I can&#39;t seem to get the right pick in there without oversetting the front pins.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->BOK with a wiper insert and a standard hook levered off the warding on the right side.  For the tiny yale keyways, I'll go with the SSDev short hook.
DrSid42 DrSid42 24.03.2017
Why do wafer locks even exist ? Why are they so popular in cars ? Is it only because they take little room ?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->They are small and cheap.  Keeps engineers and accountants happy.
Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 24.03.2017
Very cool lock,<br />I didn&#39;t realize there were knockoffs that were worth a darn.<br />But noce to see there are some.<br />And as for a Wafer lock it is one of my favorites. <br /> Now the UL rating...<br />Do you think if all the variables are taking in concideration would make a difference? ? IDK<br />But like when this rating was given how was the quality of the standard picks produced? Was picking even on thier list of conciderations? Again IDK.<br />But typically Underwriters Laboratorys don&#39;t give out endorsements willy-nilly like. lol<br />But overall I would have never thought this would have those ratings to begin with. <br />Thanks so much for sharing.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->I've been unimpressed with quite a few UL rated locks... at least as far as pick resistance goes.  I'm not sure how the test is run, but it clearly is not performed by people with extensive experience with the type of lock being tested.
i could definitely say i would not be able to pick it in 10minutes lol frist one i have seen. but u would love the chance some day.THANKS for the great video L.P L.?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 27.03.2017->Thanks.  If you knew how to approach these locks (as explained in my previous video), its really not that bad.

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