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Masterlock (1029) Master Lock

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Masterlock. Артикул:
Описание: (1029) Master Lock
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Farjeo Farjeo 13.03.2017
all I have ever learned is never buy masterlock
         Olivier Cauffope Olivier Cauffope 02.08.2017->Farjeo proseries are good
         Habreno Habreno 13.03.2017->If you come away with just one thing from Bill's videos, this is probably the best thing for that to be.
Michael Sebourn Michael Sebourn 07.05.2019
a staleto lmao
Frank Biz Frank Biz 11.09.2018
That is why they have the key way cover because if the wind blows too hard into it the lock would open.
Hillbilly Holler Hillbilly Holler 09.05.2018
Pipe that fits over the lock will snap it off with about 20 pounds of pressure.
?THUMPER? Lock Picking ?THUMPER? Lock Picking 18.04.2018
Can you re-pin that lock Mr.Bill?
         Bosnianbill Bosnianbill 18.04.2018->Nope, master lock sealed it, sorry.
bu tre bu tre 05.04.2018
to be fair, these are designed to secure a $25 reese hitch. you don't need anything really nice here. if someone looking to steal a hitch sees any lock on your rusty old hitch, he's gonna move on to the next truck.
Jack Davis Jack Davis 04.04.2018
master lock means what you say: (JUNK!)
Rocky Crocker Rocky Crocker 26.03.2018
This lock was left on one of our rental trucks so I was asked to pick it since the customer did not want it back, I noticed that with any amount of tension the 4th pin felt really hard and like it had a heavy spring tension in there and I actually bent a couple picks trying to just set that one pin. I tried a city rake, worm, pick gun, bogata, deep hook and a diamond. I could get the first 3 pins set in various order but never that 4th one. I also noticed that when I set my hook all the way in the back there was a (not a pin) type of extrusion would be at the tip of an inserted key and it to was hard the push with heavy spring tension behind it even with out tensioning the core. I suspiciously guess that the customer could not get the lock off do to some defect (I noticed what looked like some one having tried the pry the housing away) and left it on there feigning that they did not care if they got it back or not...either that or I am a piss poor picker. Anyone else noticed this about this lock? I am able to switch out the balls on the drop bar so I'm hope to keep cracking at it and hopefully update on what has happened with this lock. I may end up cutting it off and try and open it up to see what's going on. Update: they called the customer and he finally came in and when he used the key it broke off.
Wheresmy240 Wheresmy240 23.03.2018
The first time I attempted to pick a lock it blew my mind how easy it was. It was a master lock (the fancy expensive ones) and it was responsible for securing my friend's very expensive Yamaha raptor. He threw it away, then went and purchased a proper lock.
domino diamond domino diamond 04.03.2018
Seems like it would be a good if you could change the core. To bad. Cant do it on these. I suppose you could do anything with a lathe and a mill. ?
gold5th gold5th 24.01.2018
Lol.. I have one of these.. I only use it to hold my receiver mount winch on the trailer deck, when I just need to quickly pop into a store. I think trying to carry the 100lbs winch will slow them down more than the lock...
DeusExAstra DeusExAstra 19.09.2017
Looking at that key, you can probably unlock that thing by sneezing at it
mike finley mike finley 08.09.2017
Guess Y'all have never saw a square tube lock protector welded on the side of the receiver hitch,, Hard as f**k for me to unlock it with the tube on it in the yard or shop . Leave it to a Redneck to stop a thief COLD . Just too hard to get at the lock even with the damn key,, But it works !
Dighnamo Dighnamo 30.07.2017
This makes kwikset look good
Rick T Rick T 17.06.2017
Thanks for the video. I was indeed fooled by the lock's nice coating and the weather protection feature...
WOW lol he unlocked it with A WIRE! Any way I can replace this core with a better core?
Vladislav Reutov Vladislav Reutov 25.04.2017
Well, I have a theory! Maybe... the cores are designed by the CEO himself, and it is against company's policy to criticize them, so they try to make good locks, but just can't.
Bear 2014 Bear 2014 20.04.2017
They are easy to get in to but they are also very bad in weather too I Live in Atlantic Canada I had one in my SUV no to keep people from taking my trailer but to keep friends and coworkers from taking my hitch or the hitch pin that it replaces I left in on for a month and it corroded and I had to cut it off and sadly a cordless saws all takes it off in 2 minutes
rpgdev445 rpgdev445 11.04.2017
Crazy I used one of these for a couple years I had no idea how quick it could be popped :o
emerybryant emerybryant 03.04.2017
can you repin it? just curious if it can be made decent lol because if so then it could be an ok lock!

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