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Schlage (1017) NiteOwl

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Schlage. Артикул:
Описание: (1017) NiteOwl
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Время взлома: 7 мин

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Munky332 Munky332 14.03.2019
Question for you, I'm considering upgrading my door locks, and I kind of like the aspect of the new Schlage Z-wave stuff, ie wireless opening. However, the core itself has me a bit curious. If you had a Schlage deadbolt, what would you swap the core to, at an "affordable" price? Cant exactly swing to put a Protec2 on the front door lol. Ideally I'd want at least something like an Everest with a few security pins? Right now all I gots is a crappy kwikset...
         Bosnianbill Bosnianbill 15.03.2019->I'd just drop in a Schlage Primus core and be done with it.
Roberto Gassol Padilla Roberto Gassol Padilla 07.11.2017
El cilindro roscado americano. Este tipo de cilindro es realmente sencillo para trabajarlo con herramientas simples. Solo sacar desatornillar la leva o eje posterior y el cilindro sale facil. Y si no tienes llaves con la ayuda de una laina plana sale bien el trabajo. A diferencia del cilindro de perfil europeo que es un poco mas complicado. Muy buen video.
Bazz Bazz 13.03.2017
What difference do the pins make whether they are spool or t pins etc?
         Bazz Bazz 03.04.2017->thanks serjyny :o)
         Yuri 0101 Yuri 0101 03.04.2017->Bazz google it and you will know :)
TheMatterManipulator TheMatterManipulator 06.03.2017
Hey where can I find a full round mortise cylinder like this one? I'm making a training lock and can only find the I shaped ones. Are all shlages like this?
         Nite 0wl Nite 0wl 24.08.2017->Ilco makes them in a variety of keyways. That one was their 7206SC1-26D I believe. You can order them from most locksmith suppliers and occasionally on EBay or Amazon.
Admiral Percy Admiral Percy 05.03.2017
Why do you seem to prefer top of the keyway tension?
         Will Engelmann Will Engelmann 06.03.2017->Admiral Percy It gives more room in the keyway.
Webbed Webbed 04.03.2017
Great video, keep it up.
kmg501 kmg501 03.03.2017
Nicely done gents.
Makrond Makrond 03.03.2017
Dang, I dunno what Schlage's tolerances are like in a lock like that but even ignoring those security pins, the core and housing look way better than what we get out of Ingersoll-Rand (or I guess they're Allegion now) down here in Australia. Anyone know how many dollaridoos buys you a cylinder like that these days?
         Nite 0wl Nite 0wl 24.08.2017->They usually list for about $14 USD. The housing and plug are actually made by Ilco and are available in a variety of keyways.
gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017
caleb schultz caleb schultz 03.03.2017
What does Bill mean when he says "counter rotation"?
         Drizzy Driz Drizzy Driz 03.03.2017->Without getting fancy or complicated he is rotating to the left and when he pushes a certain pin it makes the core slightly rotate the opposite way
         Christopher Stone Christopher Stone 03.03.2017->When you push on a spool pin (or similar) it's locked up by the false set. If you push harder the pin will try to straighten the cylinder, rotating it counter to your pressure from the tensioner. You have to ease up on the tension and allow it to counter rotate until the pin clicks, then it's set.
         gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017->caleb schultz I have some good screenshots to explain further hmu if you need more help understanding what he means
         gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017->caleb schultz he's talking about getting a bit of a slide before he feels it click
         gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017->caleb schultz let's find out. I watch some and see if I can explain that!
gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017
I'm 20 something seconds faster than you?
gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017
No whoops
gr33ndest1ny gr33ndest1ny 03.03.2017
Did you change your pick at <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ1UqukeXPk&amp;t=2m22s">2:22</a>?
Bill Stafford Bill Stafford 03.03.2017
That is a well made lock. Imagine if the bible or core would have been serrated.
TheCheeseManCometh TheCheeseManCometh 03.03.2017
Who keeps down voting these? One of the best guys to watch here.
Tom King Tom King 03.03.2017
Black and gold drill bits do wonders for quick entry.
         Tom King Tom King 03.03.2017->Christopher Stone , Then you would be dealing with a Schlage or better lock. You can also get harden steel pins in high security locks such as Medeco. The mods made on cheap locks only keep the sneaky people out not the legal entries. Not all locks are saved when entering legally , time is a consideration.
         Christopher Stone Christopher Stone 03.03.2017->Not against hardened steel inserts. Better off grabbing a grinder if the lock has anti-drill inserts.
Sonny Belcher Sonny Belcher 03.03.2017
Bill makes anything LOOK easy. Great job! never underestimate the lock
ole9421 ole9421 03.03.2017
Sounds like you got the intro volume levels under control. Thank you.
CrimFerret CrimFerret 03.03.2017
It&#39;s a good thing there wasn&#39;t worse nastiness in that one or it might have ended up in the naughty bucket.
Ano Nym Ano Nym 03.03.2017
What do you think of the kaba 20 line of locks?

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