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ISEO [60] Iseo Euro Cylinder Picked and Gutted

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: ISEO. Артикул:
Описание: [60] Iseo Euro Cylinder Picked and Gutted
134 просмотров
Время взлома: 5 мин

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Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 10.12.2016
well done!
Bobby Keyz Bobby Keyz 09.12.2016
Awesome it's nice to see the new tools are working for you, Good Job. I may have to get me some new tools.
Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 09.12.2016
Nice pick,<br />I need to get me those shorty hooks. Would be so useful in the right lock.<br />Cheers!
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 09.12.2016->That I am sure of.
Happy pickin!!
         Artemis Picks Artemis Picks 09.12.2016->+Steel Pinnings yeah I had seen some 3D printed ones but could never find someone to make them for me so I finally gave in and just ordered this set. I was already getting some picks so it didn't change the shipping price so I just bit the bullet and ordered it. Hopefully I use it enough to make it worth while haha
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 09.12.2016->@Artemis Picks Oh crap,
Yeah that is pretty steep.
I saw that some people were either themselves or paying for people to 3D print them... Not stainless but still works and if anything like the cost for WCP quick pick... I thinkwas $3 or $4.

         Artemis Picks Artemis Picks 09.12.2016->Steel Pinnings Peterson. Pretty expensive for what you get unfortunately. It was like $60 I think for the 3 pieces.
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 09.12.2016->Where did you get the spin tool?
redcatimaging redcatimaging 08.12.2016
You did use the tools pretty good Artemis :). I know them very well ;) hehe. You can also repin a double sided euro with a follower, but if you want to do just one side or make your life easier, this is the tool :). Needs really just some practice how far to turn and I would hold the tip of the tweezers over the pin you are on in the rotated channel. Otherwise they are flying like little rockets ;). Key is also good light and good pinning tweezers.
         Artemis Picks Artemis Picks 08.12.2016->Yeah I have survived with just regular tweezers since I started picking but have quickly learned that I will need pinning tweezers for these euros. Not sure why they are so much harder, but they seem impossible haha.
Randy Perkins Randy Perkins 08.12.2016
Nice, only come across 1 and it was a challenge lock.

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