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ABUS EC550 (059) - "Abus EC550" Quickie: Picked in 14 seconds (This now officially is my confidence...

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: ABUS. Артикул: EC550
Описание: EC550 (059) - "Abus EC550" Quickie: Picked in 14 seconds (This now officially is my confidence dimple lock! :D)
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Время взлома: 1 мин

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Mike MP Mike MP 25.02.2017
Great job. Very nice confidence builder indeed. <br />I have a question, is it possible to pick this lock in clock-wise direction with same results (same speed and level of control)? I&#39;m starting with dimple locks and I saw LockPickingLawyer&#39;s video on tensioning these but I haven&#39;t find a lock on which I could demonstrate the &quot;picking direction problem&quot; he talked about in his video number 319. Is it possible to tension this lock from same spot but in oposite direction than on the video?
         Mike MP Mike MP 26.02.2017->Thank you for trying that and describing it in such details. I'm glad I know what to look for now.
         no-trick-pony_lockpicking no-trick-pony_lockpicking 25.02.2017->Hey! I just tried that and it is possible, but ONLY if you actively turn the core a little bit in the other direction when you hit a spool. Even completely releasing the tension on the tension wrench is not enough as the pick has torque in the same direction and it's enough to counter the pin's counter-rotation. So you have to not only release the tension but manually turn the core in the opposite direction which does work but you have to have good control over your tension wrench.
tumbl3r tumbl3r 25.02.2017
Great picking. That one locks like a real joy to pick :)
         tumbl3r tumbl3r 25.02.2017->Haha... It's good to know I'm not the only one who has a pile of "feel better" locks :D
         no-trick-pony_lockpicking no-trick-pony_lockpicking 25.02.2017->Aye! It's ideal for when you try to pick some locks that just can't open and you getting frustrated. Just some "HAH! At least I can open this with ease!!" to feel better. :D
Potti314 Potti314 25.02.2017
Very nice - great fun this lock :-)

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