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Mul-T-Lock C13 (444) Mul-T-Lock C13 padlock with an interactive+ core spp

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: Mul-T-Lock. Артикул: C13
Описание: C13 (444) Mul-T-Lock C13 padlock with an interactive+ core spp
139 просмотров
Время взлома: 2 мин

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James Murphy James Murphy 23.05.2017
Very nice pick and gutting! Good luck with getting it back together ? lol!
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->James Murphy Thank you! it actually wasn't that bad putting it back together... if you have a key?
Gantry Gantry 23.05.2017
Great job, Nice break down
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->Thank you! and thank you for watching :-)
MeSayus MeSayus 23.05.2017
Really cool vid thanks. I was curious what that flat, rolled out case/storage kit that you&#39;re using in the background to store your picks is called, and whereabouts to get something similar? <br /><br />Thanks.
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->Thank you! We call it a pick roll....I think REDEYE coined the term for me..LOL
at any rate...I make them and give them away as gifts to other pickers that I make multiple trades with :-)
If you are looking for something similar check your local hobby store and look in their marker and pen section :-))
The Avid Picker The Avid Picker 23.05.2017
Nice picking bud! That is the first time I have seen an interactive+ gutted! I love Mul-T locks and I am trying to find some! I have alot to trade so if you are interested in trading with me just let me know what you think. Keep on picking!
         The Avid Picker The Avid Picker 23.05.2017->PickME 1977 Thank you bud!
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->Thank you! I do not have any Mul T Locks I a am ready to part with at the moment...however I will keep you in mind as soon as I do :-))
Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 22.05.2017
Very very nice pick bro. That is a sweet lock for sure. Love how it comes apart:)
         Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 23.05.2017->I bet.
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->Thank you my friend! It's a lot easier to put back together with a working key...that is for sure!!!
Leon Leon's lockpad 22.05.2017
great job my friend cool lock???????
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 23.05.2017->Thank you!???
Don Don'z Lockz 22.05.2017
Thoroughly enjoy the video my friend! I dont think I&#39;ve seen a C series gutted and glad you done it, now all you got to do is put it back properly? This Mul-T-Lock is yours to keep and is my gift to you over and above the picking tax! lol. I appreciate doing all this for me so put it in your collection or whatever you like. I have a junior and a 1/2 oval Mul-T-Lock coming but those unfortunately I want but of course the picking tax always applies to anything I send you, new or old :) Enjoy and thanks again buddy! ??? p.s. sorry but still have a few dribs and drabs expected to be delivered. Many are purely for looks but ok if you want to show &#39;n tell, im easy. ??
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 22.05.2017->WOW!!! REALLY!! TOO AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!!
You are amazing!!! and yeah it's already put back together and in great working order ????
No apologies for the locks showing up...it's not a problem :-)
I should have a package of your locks headed your way in the next couple weeks.....it will be a pretty big box..LOL
Thank you again for everything!!!
Daz Evers Daz Evers 22.05.2017
Hi PickME 1977 firstly great job as always ? now I have a mul-t-lock interactive and on the right side of the inside of the core is additional warding protecting the last two pins, so I guess if I pick from the left side I can over come that <br />even though there is not much room. Do you use heavy tension on mul-t-lock ?
         Daz Evers Daz Evers 22.05.2017->Absolutely Thank you so much for your time .. I've got a week of work this week and it's my. Mission to pick my first Mul-t-lock. Thanks again have a great day ??
         PickME 1977 PickME 1977 22.05.2017->Thank you! and yes that warding is kind of in the way! so yes...picking from the left side is a good way to deal with it. As for tension....I kind of vary my tension....I start with heavy tension to find the binder....then I back off slightly when setting the pin...but then I go back to heavy tension to find the next binder...also once all of the outer pins have been picked I go to a medium tension to pick the inner pins....I hope that makes sense and helps :-)))
Thank you for watching!!

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