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Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: ABUS. Артикул:
414 просмотров
Время взлома: 5 мин

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Potti314 Potti314 25.06.2017
Awesome picking my friend - I admire the control and finesse you show. And love your very deep hock :-) This quite a unique lock - very cool. Thanks my friend for showing this to us. Cheers, Michael.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 26.06.2017->Thank you very much Michael, my friend, you are very kind, this is a cool lock that you will can pick buddy ;o))
Thanks for watching and comment ;o)))
tiet fer tiet fer 31.05.2017
gran trabajo, más con un abus de esta índole. tiene un precioso diseño y eficaz, pero nada se te resiste. por cierto, has de cuidar a ese cerrajero tuyo.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 31.05.2017->Muchas gracias amigo mio, la verdad que si tengo que cuidarle, es muy generoso conmigo. Muy bonito cilindro, pero no es tan fiero como parece y se deja hacer.
Muchas gracias por comentar, un abrazo ;o)))
waddac2 waddac2 29.05.2017
WOW!!!! Great picking Carlos my friend and what a crazy keyway.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 31.05.2017->Well! Is ingenious, but will lose a lot of control over the tension, too difficult for me, I prefer to prepare a custom tensioner if necessary. I'll keep it in mind, there's always a first time for everything ;-)))
Thanks for the info buddy ;o)))
         waddac2 waddac2 30.05.2017->I have seen locks like that tensioned with a "Z" bar The bar is not placed inside the lock put positioned in the cut out notch on face of the plug. Think snorer on our ukls forum has done it a couple of times.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 29.05.2017->Thank you very much Rich my friend, you are very kind ;o))) The key way looks paracentric but let work well from the bottom. Thanks a lot for watching and comment buddy ;-))
Noctis Motus Noctis Motus 29.05.2017
Very nice lock. Great job picking it open.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 29.05.2017->Thank you very much Noctis, yeah, is a cool lock, very intimidating when I saw the number of pins, but not very hard to pick. Thanks for watching and comment ;o)))
adrian leon adrian leon 29.05.2017
menudo video te as marcado compañero. excelente trabajo, y la cerradura tiene muy buena pinta, como siempre un crack SALUDOS
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 29.05.2017->Muchas gracias Adrian, eres muy amable, la verdad es que no es tan dificil como parece, es de esas que levantan la moral ;o))) Gracias por ver y comentar amigo mio ;-)))
Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 28.05.2017
Hi guys, I pick this cool Abus Pfaffenhain lock for you, but I don´t know the model, please, if you know it put it bellow<br />Thanks ;-)))

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