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ERA (203) ERA Secure 2 Lever Padlock Picked

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: ERA. Артикул:
Описание: (203) ERA Secure 2 Lever Padlock Picked
475 просмотров
Время взлома: 2 мин

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Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017
Don't fear the lever! Lever padlocks are fun and accessible, so get going! ?
LockPicking Patrolman LockPicking Patrolman 01.09.2017
I can’t wait to pick this lock now! Of course, it’ll take a while to learn how ?
         LockPicking Patrolman LockPicking Patrolman 03.09.2017->Lock Noob thanks! ? it’s not one I can really practise on sitting in the car, so it may take some time ?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 03.09.2017->Nah, you'll have it picked in no time :-)
Flying Scots man lock picking Flying Scots man lock picking 02.06.2017
Hi I&#39;ve only Been piking a few months nowbut no blowing my own trumpet im getting rather good now after watcin you, bBosni Bill &amp; lock picking lawyer.<br />I used o be a young ear away and thief and oundi had a natural talent to opening locks like combination locks for bike my mums electric coin metre &amp; coin operated TVThe TV man car to empty the box and I ran for he hills and when I came back got a good spanking with the belt.<br />I&#39;m now 37 and a Christian and us my skills to show pole how unsecure locks are and ho to be more secure<br />I bouhgjt abad kit he first tie but ow have a southord 0 set which I have pikd evey lock inmy house with and cheap ones I an buy or find.I&#39;m looking or a loclock to practice onnd re pin I her is such a lock as iv tried h local dump but ththey won&#39;t giv rubbish away? Locks on doors.I&#39;ve also tid he local stoag units place but they it the and ho them away<br />Can yours recommend a Lock hat I an buy cheap as I&#39;m only on benfis after being in the army , parachuted regiment. And have PTSD. I Ind locdk picking soothing and occupying for my mind amn it keeps my mind busy along with horticulture.<br />Thank you and regards Steven McGinty
Gantry Gantry 02.06.2017
Always enjoy your picks. Looks like a nice easy lock.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->Gantry thanks :-)
Potti314 Potti314 02.06.2017
Nicely done - love your home made tools. This lock had made a nice journey now - thanks again for sending it to me :-)
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->Potti314 you are most welcome :-)
Soviet Russia Soviet Russia 02.06.2017
I have a dilemma. Nearly every thumbturn I pick seems to have something springy at the back of the lock. The deadbolt only engages when I depress the part at the back and it&#39;s really awkward and difficult as it won&#39;t move the deadbolt all the time so I have to try again and again.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->Zachar Doney for lever picking... either make some picks out of piano wire or Something Like the Mad Bob lever padlock pick set. I have a lot of lever padlock picking coming up. As for whether it's fun... I think it is :-)
         Soviet Russia Soviet Russia 02.06.2017->Also I have wanted to get into lever picking but it's a bit expensive. Is it fun? Because I hate combo locks so I don't want to waste my money on a good kit if I don't enjoy it.
         Soviet Russia Soviet Russia 02.06.2017->Do you think I could catch the cam with a half diamond down the middle of the keyway then push to simulate a key?
         Soviet Russia Soviet Russia 02.06.2017->Lock Noob thanks. could you help me figure out how to get the cam to turn with the lock every time?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->Zachar Doney I'm not a massive expert on thumb-turns but I think the issue is with the cam in the middle. Try using the key first then don't touch the thumb turn. A lot of people just cut the cylinder in half to take the thumb turn off the back
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 02.06.2017
nice to see a few lever locks being opened now and again :)
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->tonyholt90 thanks :-) more to come :-)
Mark Hicks Mark Hicks 01.06.2017
what&#39;s the best wire to improvise to make the tools/picks for these locks..never tried but looks great fun and challenge..cheers mark
         Mark Hicks Mark Hicks 02.06.2017->Cheers..never tried lever locks something different to get to grips with..thanks for the tips...have tried these padlocks. Easy to bypass .but bit of a challenge to pick it have found..any advice..cheers
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->Mark Hicks music wire that is about 1.75 mm is good for lever wires, but you might need to experiment :-)
The Avid Picker The Avid Picker 01.06.2017
Nice picking bud! Those lever locks are something that I have to get into soon. First I need lever picks and then some lever locks. Lol Keep on picking!
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->TheAvid Picker just look on eBay for piano wire. Lots of sizes and sellers :-)
         The Avid Picker The Avid Picker 02.06.2017->Lock Noob Do you have a link to music wire of different sizes?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->TheAvid Picker lever picks can be improvised using music wire of different thicknesses :-)
LockPicking Patrolman LockPicking Patrolman 01.06.2017
Nice job! I&#39;ve never tried a lever lock. Great job of showing and explaining! ?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->LockPicking Patrolman thanks :-) go for it, they are great fun :-)
William Mancel William Mancel 01.06.2017
Nice Picking with improvised picks buddy. Until recently, I thought lever locks went away in the early 1900&#39;s. I remember seeing some old keys when I was a kid that were like the ones used on lever locks. I thought Pin tumblers took over and eliminated old design&#39;s. <br />Great picking ?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 02.06.2017->William Mancel yeah, they are still really, really common in the UK
J.E.M. Hull J.E.M. Hull 01.06.2017
To be fair to the lock, it doesn&#39;t actually say HOW secure..... it could very well mean &quot;not very&quot;
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017->LockTest ??? very true!
Leon Leon's lockpad 01.06.2017
it mite only have 2levers but still nice picking buddy?????
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017->Leon's lockpad thanks :-) I'm trying to show that there is nothing to be afraid of with levers :-)
Keith Hallam Keith Hallam 01.06.2017
Even the Era Insurance padlock (5 and 6 lever depending on model) can be defeated in seconds with a lever pick. Quite shocking really given they cost about £30 ($50) upwards. Despite allegedly not having false gates the Chubb Cruiser and Battleship series are orders of magnitude tougher. I&#39;ve had my Cruiser opened 3 times after long picking sessions, but as of yet I haven&#39;t beaten the Battleship.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017->Keith Hallam yes. I have exactly the same experience. Worth noting that SOME models of the Battleship and Cruiser have false gates. I picked a older Cruiser on camera a while back, but I have a newer one that seems impossible... For now :-)
Aalbert Torsius Aalbert Torsius 01.06.2017
Didn&#39;t you have a tool from Banggood for this? (Your video 154). Or didn&#39;t that fit?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017->Aalbert Torsius good call, but no, this lock didn't like any of my lever pick sets regardless of manufacturer :-)
Gnome Star Gnome Star 01.06.2017
Nice have a 5 lever ERA padlock, never even tried to pick it. Nice video, so a video on another channel of a 10 lever mortice cylinder (lockpickinglawyer...maybe).
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 01.06.2017->Gnome Star I gave a 7-part lever padlock series coming up where I pick lots of common lever padlocks :-)

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