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Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: AZBE. Артикул: HS6
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Время взлома: 4 мин

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Potti314 Potti314 29.07.2017
Great picking theater - a pleasure to watch. You did a great job in making this dimple pick. Is it as rigid as a commercial one?
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.07.2017->Thank you very much Michael, my friend, I?m glad you like it ;o))) It?s a pick that works great in narrow key ways, the flag is very small. Well, I make the neck of the pick the shorted I can to preserve rigidity to the maximum, but it is still not as rigid as commercial ones (and it is not necessary to be rigid). That lack of rigidity to be supplied with low tension and skill. I have used them in Abus, Cisa Astral, MTL 7x7, and Spanish dimples with good results in all of them. I've never bent or broken any (but surely that's just a matter of time LOL)
Cheers buddy ;o))
tonyholt90 tonyholt90 29.07.2017
Nicely done and loved the using homemade pick again! I followed the link you sent me in the last video, thanks ;)
         tonyholt90 tonyholt90 01.08.2017->Tallan Pick great thanks ;)
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 31.07.2017->Perfect! please, any doubt don?t hesitate to ask, it will be a pleasure to help ;o))
         tonyholt90 tonyholt90 30.07.2017->Yeah I'm going to give one a go ;)
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.07.2017->Thank you very much Tony, yes, I use my home made picks always for narrow key ways, works great for me ;-))
I hope you're excited to make your own picks ;o)))
Noctis Motus Noctis Motus 25.07.2017
Looking good! Magic hands at work once again. :D
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 26.07.2017->Thank you very much buddy, but it?s not a hard lock at all. Simply I couldn?t resist to show you the cool key way LOL ;o))
Thanks for watching my friend ;o))
Lock Pickin Lock Pickin' Magician 24.07.2017
Amazing picking ! You make this type of look look easy to pick ! Great job ! Thank you for the great tutorial and the very good sub-titles ! ?
         Lock Pickin Lock Pickin' Magician 27.07.2017->Thank you Tallan Pick, if I ever have questions, I won't be afraid to ask. Thank you, I appreciate this :-)
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 27.07.2017->It was a pleasure, if I can help you in something, just ask me ;-)) I will happy to help ;o))
         Lock Pickin Lock Pickin' Magician 26.07.2017->Hello again Tallan Pick, thank you for taking the time out of your day the give me a little bit of extra information, I appreciate it ! Very interesting about the kind of locks you see there ! ??
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 26.07.2017->Ok, dimple locks are the most common houses locks in Spain, but the diferences in quality betwen manufacteurs are very big.
Thanks buddy, and yes, it?s no common to see in you tube home made dimple picks. Here in Spain is more common but usually they are bigger ones. The pick I use in the vid is very small (about 1,2mm flag) and it was made to fight with very narrow key ways, like Tesa T60, Azbe HS6, Cisa astral, some Abus, etc, and it?s useless with other locks like Iseo R6 or R8, Ezcurra DS10 or DS15, and others.
It?s a very easy pick to make, and the stuff you need it is cheap and easy to find. I?m very busy now, but if I have time I will make a litlle vid making one. Thanks for the inspiration buddy ;o))
         Lock Pickin Lock Pickin' Magician 25.07.2017->ah yes :-) but for us living in North America, these locks are hard to find... you do not see them anywhere ( no houses ) etc.... so it's nice to see you pick them :-) By the way, I am impressed with your hand made dimple pick ! -- one day you should do a video tutorial on how to make this pick. Very impressive ! ... Of all the community lock members, I have not seen anyone else with a pick ( home made ) like you made - so very good - you made this, and it works very well ! very nice.
Perfecto. As always. Love your picking skills my friend. We trade MTL gear stick lock? But we talk after the weekend.Ok mate ?
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 24.07.2017->Thank you very much buddy, you are very kind my friend ;o)))
Wow, MTL gear stick locks are awesome dude... talk about that, I will sent you a PM ;o)))
BlackDolphin90 BlackDolphin90 22.07.2017
Nice one sir
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 22.07.2017->Thank you very much mate, I?m glad you like it, and thanks for watching and comment, much appreciated ;o)))
Leon Leon's lockpad 22.07.2017
Very nice picking my friend and a dimple pick made from a wiper blade???????
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 22.07.2017->Thanks Leon my friend ;o)) the dimple pick works great in small key ways, try it!
Thanks for watching bud ;o))

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