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Opening our hotel room door in under 30 seconds using paper menus

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Описание: Opening our hotel room door in under 30 seconds using paper menus
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Время взлома: 30 сек

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Mike Patel Mike Patel 16.08.2019
You left the door unlocked.....
Bryan F Bryan F 05.04.2019
Credit card wasn't even near the striker
4D_X 4D_X 05.07.2018
For all the people saying just lock the deadbolt, yeah that would be a good idea if you were staying INSIDE of the room., but a lot of hotels don't have an automatic deadbolt when the door shuts. So if you leave the room, how are you going to get that deadbolt to do its thing, huh?
         J Doe J Doe 27.01.2019->Smartest man alive right here folks!
starlightgone88 starlightgone88 12.05.2018
hurhurhurhur I feel so great about our hotel choice now, so lock the fucking door and stop being dramatic.
Alex Rose Alex Rose 04.04.2018
Most hotels with physical keys require you to leave them at the reception, you can literally just walk in 99% of them and say &quot;I am room XYZ&quot; and they will just hand you the key.<br /><br />Hotel rooms with keycards, you can say &quot;my keycard isn&#39;t working&quot; or &quot;my keycard got demagnetised&quot;, they will ask you for your room number, you tell them &quot;room XYZ&quot; and they will magnetise you to that room.<br /><br />It&#39;s supremely easy to get into any hotel room if you want to.
C Smith C Smith 28.03.2018
If the door is installed right, the spring loaded things won&#39;t push in.
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Tormod Steinsholt Tormod Steinsholt 28.03.2018
That door doesn&#39;t look shut to me. <br />The latch trick is real, though the latch is usually used when you want to open the door to talk somebody without letting them in so you would be there in person to prevent it.
         MM Developer MM Developer 05.05.2018->Tormod Steinsholt https://youtu.be/YEPf8OEYCrA you can clearly hear it latch shut in that video
TheDude TheDude 28.03.2018
What kind of country ass Hotel doesnt have a keycard and uses a key lock? Thats some motel 7 shit. And you didnt even bolt it...
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TrueYears TrueYears 27.03.2018
I love the part where they told the name of the hotel so we know which hotel to avoid. Very helpful video!!!
No Pe No Pe 27.03.2018
Jesus Christ.All these big shot commenters looking over the fa t that he just defeated 2/3 of the security that the door offers with a fucking PIZZA MENU. fuck the dead bolt! he just bypassed the handle and the latch with a piece of paper.
Zargatze Zargatze 27.03.2018
Great, now you&#39;ve shown everyone how to do it!
james almeida james almeida 26.03.2018
whomever owns this video please get in touch... Apparently it has gotten a lot of attention and our email addresses are similar so people are tying to get in touch with ME to license it for use on TV... But this is yours so..
         james almeida james almeida 28.03.2018->I honestly dont know what that means...
I will attach the email I got and you can do what you want with it...
         J J 28.03.2018->james almeida lel rekt
Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 26.03.2018
Lol ppl saying shit about the dead bolt ?.... you don’t have the bolt locked when your not in the room and your valuables are.
         MM Developer MM Developer 28.03.2018->these doors used RFID cards, not physical keys
         Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 27.03.2018->Funny that self latching lock ddnt move
         Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 27.03.2018->Ok I’m done. I’m sure you will come up with some more nonsense but here you go https://youtu.be/YEPf8OEYCrA
         truffleshuffle03 truffleshuffle03 27.03.2018->The door is not even shut or locked. Its actually ajar just a bit. If he wanted to make a video to prove something then lock the fucking door and make sure it is actually shut.
         Jp Mcpinning Jp Mcpinning 27.03.2018->the hell he didn’t
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lavixl lavixl 26.03.2018
Use the dead bolt.
Rodisflawless Rodisflawless 26.03.2018
Great video. I particularly enjoyed the part where you purposely left the door unlocked.
         HankyNoodle HankyNoodle 06.05.2019->It was locked.
         MM Developer MM Developer 05.05.2018->Rodisflawless here's a video where you can clearly hear it latch shut https://youtu.be/YEPf8OEYCrA

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