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Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Цилиндровый механизм. Производитель: AZBE. Артикул: HS7
Описание: HS7 236 AZBE HS7 CHALLENGE LOCK FROM TIET subeng ()
595 просмотров
Время взлома: 6 мин

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Tienes que condurarle más para que parezca más difícil,pobre tiet...jejejejejeje.gran trabajo de los dos.un abrazo
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 02.05.2018->Muchas gracias companero, la primera vez que lo abri me costo un rato hasta que supe aflojar la tension en el telescopico, pero una vez le pillas el punto, es una cerradura noble, y asi debe de ser, no todas han de ser una pesadilla, esta es para disfrutarla.
Muchas gracias por ver y comentar companero, un abrazo ;o))
Joseluis Martin Joseluis Martin 30.04.2018
Fantástica apertura,buen trabajo
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.04.2018->Gracias Jose Luis! me alegro de que te haya gustado, un saludo y gracias por ver y comentar ;o))
John Mccormick John Mccormick 30.04.2018
Wow tuff lock ... great job!
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.04.2018->Thanks John, that was fun! and thanks for watching buddy ;o))
Bill Bacardi Bill Bacardi 30.04.2018
Wow that was fast buddy, are you tensioning against your pick? I always tension with the pick buddy, very nice job sir
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 01.05.2018->Thanks Bill!! well, in dimples is better to tensioning against the pick beacouse if there are spools drivers is more easy to set them, the pick rotation helps the counterotation movement of the wrench and plug. Other way, you have to use two tension wrenches to help the counterotation. Is better to try first with this technique, but you know that many locks only are pickable in one direction, so you have to adapt to the lock ;o))
Thank you very much for watching and comment my friend ;o)))
5qu1n7 5qu1n7 29.04.2018
Nice pick...I just picked a stock Azbe HS7 and that was a challenge... great job
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 02.05.2018->Good luck my friend, it was a pleasure to talk about it buddy ;o))
         5qu1n7 5qu1n7 01.05.2018->Tallan Pick I'm in the US, I'll have to get creative on getting some shipped this way, I appreciate the information.
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 01.05.2018->I think the stock locks are more useful to learn to pick and I like them more than the challenge locks.
If you are out of europe the shipping cost can be prohibitive for the Spanish locks, and theAzBE HSK and the Tesa TX80 are not cheap locks, but both are high quality locks. The Tesa is much better and harder to pick in my opinion.
         5qu1n7 5qu1n7 01.05.2018->Tallan Pick I'll have to see if I can find some I those you mentioned on Ebay, I'm getting into picking stock locks more than challenge locks these days
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.04.2018->Thanks buddy! they are cool Spanish locks, expecially the Azbe HSK, eigth pins + an interactive, very cool serrated pins, it?s very similar to the Tesa tx80 but more easier to pick than the Tesa. Thanks for watching and comment buddy, is much appreciated ;o))
Leon Leon's lockpad 29.04.2018
Great job my friend nicely picked???????
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.04.2018->Thanks Leon, my friend, it?s a pleasure to share it with you buddy ;o)))
Don Don'z Lockz 29.04.2018
I don't know that brand of lock. Nice job. ???
         Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 30.04.2018->Thanks! Azbe is a Spanish manufacturer, the old models are not hard to pick, but the Azbe HSK with eigth pins + an interactive one is cool, is well done and more challenging than the HS6 or the HS7. Thanks for watching and comment buddy ;o))

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