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Michael Moravetz Michael Moravetz 15.12.2018
Looks like an awesome tool. I think a 50 thou wrench would be a worthwhile addition. I end up using that wrench very often. I would say, for aesthetics, smaller logo, with no words, that isn't so big, on just one end. Reason being, I like less advertising and it just looks like a pocket knife so you don't have to deal with people thinking you're a crook when they read something about lock picking! And that way, the other wrench could go on that side of the case without completely covering the logo. Was that a couple neodymiums I saw to hold that pry bar in place? seems like a good strong magnet would alleviate my concern about that wrench falling out. Something to attach a lanyard to is always a nice feature. I lose things a lot, so I make use of lanyards and little carabiners as much as I can. Something you don't have to use but, its nice to have the option if you're a scatter brained mess like myself! a knife tool would be a good addition, and maybe a separate knife in the secret part, so you could use two of them like the master switch... It basically has everything you would want, as is, but since we're dreaming big here, how about a laser beam? Everything is better with a laser Beam!. On a serious note, this is probably taking it a little far as well, but if there was a small but bright light on the end, with a tiny switch, that would be really cool. Probably hard to fit in, as you've made great use of the space as is, but when you really need to pick a lock, its almost always raining and dark and cold, having a little light to see what you're aiming for would be a very plush feature.
         Michael Moravetz Michael Moravetz 17.12.2018->+BosnianbillCan we get a video of that method? I carry a small (takes a 16340 or cr123) bright light with a magnetic end and two way clip, goes nicely on the brim of a ball cap. magnet comes in very handy. But, the best feature is the 700 lumen strobe effect! I never pick without that going. Its good practice for the next time you get locked inside a rave, under duress, and need to get the hell out! you can never be too ready guys!
         Bosnianbill Bosnianbill 16.12.2018->+T O R C H I also like the idea of a separate LED light. First, it will keep the cost of the SWICK down for us, and second I can use the Surefire sidewinder I always carry in my pocket (in the bite hold) to look at other stuff while picking.
         T O R C H T O R C H 16.12.2018->Like the way you think.
But, the light... I'd lean more towards little led on Keychain.
Perfect for the bite hold & even lights your tool, if needed.

WTY.. the double knife (master switch) idea can be done with the 2 tension wrenches that covers the "secret compartment" hole.
         Picklocks.com Picklocks.com 15.12.2018->+Michael Moravetz we are currently running a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to manufacture them. They will be shipped in February if we get fully funded and we're 68% there so I think we will.

Here is where you can get a jump on ordering them. SWICK - The World's Most Versatile Pick, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/989801874/swick-the-swiss-army-knife-of-picks
         Michael Moravetz Michael Moravetz 15.12.2018->+Picklocks.com You can easily bypass master locks by prying apart the actuators in the back of the key way, sparrows makes a set of knife tools just for it, they call it the "master switch". In many ways its an obsolete tool, because those locks are so easily picked, but I have encountered some old gunked up locks, in which case it is often quicker to bypass it like that. So, it is handy. two knife tools will do the job so long as you can get both in the lock at the same time. I suggested putting one on the tool in the "secret compartment" because if they were both attached to the tool like the rest of the picks, it would be pretty challenging, if at all possible, to lever them in opposite directions. A knife is always something I keep in my edc kit, good for bypassing American etc. so long as they arent with the wafers. I would say an option for at least one knife to fold out would be a nice option. Then again, levering something that is hinged might prove to be more frustrating than just having an extra loose knife tool along side the SWICK. I think its great that the customer will be able to choose what their SWICK will hold, it would be cool to have a nice streamlined set of slim picks and a matching set of regular 25 thous. maybe a few extra rakes with the thick ones. great design. Im excited to get my hands on a finished product. when do you think they'll be available and how much are you thinking they'll cost? Maybe Bill said that in the video,...cant remember
Cody James Cody James 26.01.2019
I love that set of pics yeah I think the second Ranch on the top would be a good idea
Franher94 Franher94 16.01.2019
Hey there! I backed the Project a few weeks ago, can't wait to get it on the mail! Looking for some advice here, which picks would you guys include in the tool? I'm kind of a newbie and I'm having a bit of trouble in that part lol... Thanks in advance!
Dane’gerous Dane’gerous 11.01.2019
Shut up and take my money!! ?
Colorado Tom Colorado Tom 09.01.2019
How about making the tension wrench double ended for even more variety.
Randy Porter Randy Porter 05.01.2019
Love that ! This design by far outdoes the versions I have now. Really like the tension tool variety and the selections David is going to allow the buyer to choose. I really like the larger capacity it provides. Im ready to order ! Great little tool !
Joshua Ennis Joshua Ennis 04.01.2019
I missed the kickstarter so when might it be for sale
Retcarahc Eman Retcarahc Eman 30.12.2018
I spent some time reading the comments looking for suggestions. There were several great ideas. Among them, these were worth stating again.<br /><br />~ Lanyard Hole<br />~ Pocket Clip (I suggest removable and deep pocket)<br />~ Leather Case for belt carry<br />~ Different sizing options (both smaller and larger versions for different carry options)<br />~ Z styled tension tool with a different size on each end<br />~ Tools folding out from each end (though this might not be the best option with however your intended locking mechanism works)<br />~ Etching Serrations into the tips of the tension tools<br /><br />However, while most of the comments had to do with adding versatility to the tool (which is highly important) some of them also raised concerns with bulkiness. I share a similar concern and wish to add that ergonomics is something that should not go overlooked. This tool had many characteristics of a pocket knife and that adds to it&#39;s appeal. However, it is still a tool, a tool that you will be holding for quite some time when the lock doesn&#39;t want to work with you. So, be mindful of that. A few hollowed out slots here or there to reduce weight, a soft sweeping curve that rests nicely in the palm and crook of the thumb and forefinger, rounded corners and edges on the base... Each of these things are more for quality of life than functionality, though each of those things mean as much as a 3 hour tumble polish to the blades and the grade of steel you use.<br /><br />Would love to back you and/or own one of these in the future. That unfortunately is not something that my budget allows. I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor and all future projects you take on. Best of luck and wishes.
Dale White Dale White 29.12.2018
I would recommend adding a door sim I don&#39;t remember the actual name
Picklocks.com Picklocks.com 29.12.2018
Ok, we have listened to your ideas and implemented several of them in our new design. Check it out on our kickstarter here:<br /><br /><a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/989801874/swick-the-swiss-army-knife-of-picks/posts/2368367">https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/989801874/swick-the-swiss-army-knife-of-picks/posts/2368367</a>
Ruby Dacherry Ruby Dacherry 27.12.2018
Carbon fiber handle ?
         Picklocks.com Picklocks.com 29.12.2018->We're looking into fiberglass reinforced nylon. For this handle an even better option than carbon fiber.
Trevor Clarke Trevor Clarke 26.12.2018
A small magnet to hold the tension wrench.
         Picklocks.com Picklocks.com 29.12.2018->They're there:

J T J T 23.12.2018
survivor man survivor man 21.12.2018
i&#39;d like to see some sort of lanyard attachment so i could carry this on my keychain/carabiner. i JUST got the southord jack knife less than a month ago. i think the picks southord included on it are pretty lacking (no bogota??). the one in this video looks pretty promising. i love how it includes options for tension wrenches. this one could also benefit from a key extractor. everyone says those are useless on a jackknife...until you need one.
Bige Chanel Bige Chanel 20.12.2018
<a href="http://www.advantagelockandkey.com/betterresetter.htm">http://www.advantagelockandkey.com/betterresetter.htm</a>
Bige Chanel Bige Chanel 20.12.2018
I would like to see a: better reseter- type blade for quickset and Schlage locks with a short resetter key on one end could slide in and out- since thees type locks are becoming very popular
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony 20.12.2018
I would like to see the body of the tool more ergonomically comfortable if possible. It would also be nice if it came in a nylon pouch or case to store the extra picks. Maybe a hole for a lanyard.
ryck2099 ryck2099 20.12.2018
blades break pins get loose replace the pin with removable hex screw so a replacement and or a tighten up can be done , also that would add to the mixing matching on the go kinda of thing.
scarz1951 scarz1951 19.12.2018
I want one
marlinnotfish marlinnotfish 19.12.2018
It needs a locking mechanism to keep a selected pick locked in the open position like a folding knife. Firstly for safety so the thin gauge pick doesn’t fold on your finger and cut it. But secondly because without the stability of the picks being locked they will try to fold while raking and be ineffective.
         Picklocks.com Picklocks.com 19.12.2018->There is a patent pending steel spring locking system that holds the picks that are not in use into the handle while simultaneously holding the pick being used rigidly in place.The same way a folding pocket knife works.

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