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Lock Noob Lock Noob 22.12.2018
I like these; a finger pick alternative to a jackknife pick set. This is the Night Crawlwer Set from Sparrows Lock Picks :-) <a href="https://www.sparrowslockpicks.ca/product_p/ngtcrwl.htm">https://www.sparrowslockpicks.ca/product_p/ngtcrwl.htm</a> oh, and remember I’m quoting Canadian dollars here ;-)
Priest Priest 21.06.2019
I&#39;m new to picking, I just have the Southord Jackknife and the clear padlock it came with, i&#39;ve picked the clear padlock hundreds of times so far but i&#39;ve only been able to pick my door twice with it, my rake is slightly bent from using it on my door, I think the Southord Jackknife set is great but also they&#39;re still a lot thinner than regular picks I believe, if not they are certainly not as tough, i&#39;m big on EDC so I want the Night Crawlers for the size and extra strength compared to the Jackknife although I will always use my Jackknife for less hardcore tasks, if you use one be sure to buy replacement picks they&#39;re cheap.<br /><br /><br />Edit/Update, I&#39;ve picked my door about 30 times with the Southord Jackknife now, I did it 20 times in about 25 minutes. I started using the Nightcrawlers from Sparrows that came in today and DUDE they are KILLER!!!! Magic even.....I&#39;ve popped open my locks almost instantly without even knowing how to use them yet. I&#39;m used to a jackknife tension wrench and picks but these are awesome, only downside for me is honestly those spines don&#39;t feel good after a minute or so of picking, definitely not for use if you want to have a session, more like some EDC kit because of their small size that you just quickly pop some locks open and put them away, otherwise I wrapped some electrical tape around one of them and it feels great, just use a small amount or they wont fit in the pouch.
chris howard chris howard 26.04.2019
locks, not my body! ha haha! i actually struggled for about 8 months with this really weird yale rim cylinder i have, i&#39;d tried every pick i had, but you know what opened it? the hook from the halloween special edition set from sparrows!!!! i thought it was a fluke but it worked every time! moral of the story - dont under-estimate these kind of smaller picks!!!! i saw your mad bobs tension bars are up for sale, gonna have to get me a set of those badboys!
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 29.04.2019->That’s a cool story, yes, never underestimate a pick, but you are also most likely a skilled picker too :-)
Paolo HellRaiser Paolo HellRaiser 07.02.2019
Beautiful but the piece for me is too high! Surely they are quality but 40 euros .....
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 09.02.2019->I pay up to ?10 a pick for some of the ones I like the most so €40 isn’t all that bad considering the quality IMO, but I agree €40 is a lot of money in general :-)
Matt McHenry Matt McHenry 01.02.2019
I made my own kit like this out of a leather keychain pouch and the sparrows mace picks and a few other homemade goodies. I ultimately made it into part of my wallet and I love it. I rarely use it because I also keep a fully loaded creeper case in my pocket at all times but when I forget it my little backup kit saves my ass
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 04.02.2019->Nice to have a backup :-)
wez picks wez picks 27.01.2019
For me I love my carbon mad bobs jackknife.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 31.01.2019->That IS a lovely item :-)
Dutch Blades Dutch Blades 26.01.2019
Could you perhaps post a comparison picture of these picks with a regular (plain steel) sparrows pick + one of the generic credit card picks somewhere?<br />My main kit is close to all I could ever need, but my backup is a jackknife (of which I don&#39;t like the feedback) or a credit card set (which are a little too short and less durable).<br />I keep coming back to this video, but can&#39;t seem to make up my mind :&#39;)
         Dutch Blades Dutch Blades 27.01.2019->@Lock Noob 5:59 has a pretty good straight shot at the picks, so I took a squared dog ear wrench, lined it up and held the credit card pick on top of the Night Crawler hook.
Seems like the pick-part is about 7.5mm longer and the handle comes down to about 8.5-9mm longer; which is perfect.
I used to carry the case from my Tuxedo Royale set with me, but I wanted something a bit smaller.
Guess I'll have to take my chances on the import costs/tax/customs stuff and order one!
         Dutch Blades Dutch Blades 27.01.2019->@Lock Noob No worries; is was worth a try!
The set itself is cheap enough, but the customs/import costs made me a little hesitant after having to pay around €85 last time :')
I'll probably still pick up a set one of these days... I'm a sucker for small EDC type gear and Sparrows is the way to go when it comes to lock picks.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 27.01.2019->I’m not sure it would be that easy to post a picture anywhere useful and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t have the credit card set, sorry. It’s a shame you can’t just try one and see if it suits you, so I can understand your hesitation :-)
David Brown David Brown 15.01.2019
This arrived today :)
         David Brown David Brown 18.01.2019->@Lock Noob I like them. Already tested them and can open all the locks I tried. Before these I carried a jackknife pick set. The Night Crawler set are a lot better. My favourite tools are the Sparrows full EOD and the Dangerfield Polaris rake set :)
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 18.01.2019->What do you think? :-)
Tallan Pick Tallan Pick 28.12.2018
Great review my friend. Well, tough choice, but my problem is more on the dimple picks, I don´t find a cool way to carry comfortable dimple picks to use. About these tumbler locks picks, the problem of the jacknife, in my opinion is more the availability of a nice bunch of tension tools, usually I use only a couple of hooks, but I have never had enough tension wrenches.<br />So I will choose the finger picks with a good selection of tensioners.<br />Thanks for showing ;o)))
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 29.12.2018->Thanks for watching Tallan :-) I agree with your reasoning, also. Have a fpgreat New Year, friend :-)
merlin308 merlin308 28.12.2018
Thanks for the review! Definitely something to consider for me. I tend to like the smaller picks.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 29.12.2018->Me too :-)
Annono Mowz Annono Mowz 24.12.2018
Most of the full size slimline kits are pretty small anyway. I&#39;m not sure that little bit smaller size makes too much difference. The top tension tools look very handy though. I do wish they&#39;d have chucked one in the EOD kit. I&#39;ve not used jackknives but they seem more idiot proof when it comes to my cack-handedness. I&#39;d be certain to drop loose at least one of them within five minutes of getting them :D
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->:-)
Roy Sammons Roy Sammons 24.12.2018
Compare this to one of those credit card pick sets and this looks like it wins easily. The spine like feature which enhances the grip and the choice of tension wrenches all beat the credit card.<br /><br />Let&#39;s face it the reason you would carry this is for compactness which is exactly what the credits card pick set it. The prices are miles apart though. It would have to feel and help with the cramp you get with credit credit card set to come close to being worth the price.<br /><br />As far as a jacknife, it&#39;s my carry around pick. Yes you lose some feedback but the extra length mayhem opened up may very well give it an advantage over this pick set. <br /><br />Great review Lock Noob. Thanks for three channel and the videos ??
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->Thanks for watching and commenting :-)
bashful bashful 24.12.2018
I wonder how those handles work if you’re dynamically raking a lock?
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->Reasonably imo, but not quite as good as full handles :-)
Michael Walton Michael Walton 23.12.2018
I’ve been playing with this set for a week or so now and really like it. Full disclosure, I’ve carried the Serepick Ti set in my wallet for a couple of years now so I’m somewhat used to picking with a set the size of this one. I’d take it over the bulky handled jackknife every time.
         Michael Walton Michael Walton 30.12.2018->Lock Noob Really nice for what I believe to be its intended . My myriad “big boy” sets- Peterson, Sparrows, Multipick, Mad Bob’s, etc all get used primarily when playing locksport but the few times I’ve needed a bailout from unexpected lockouts, I’ve had to resort to my Serepick wallet set. This new Sparrows offering is an excellent emergency kit imho. Love hearing what the pro locksmiths and the gifted locksport folks have to say about these kinds of new products.
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->It’s a nice set, isn’t it? :-)
R. Akers R. Akers 23.12.2018
On a completely different note; <br />A while back you collaborated with Sparrows on a version the boomslang pick, yes? <br />I am interested in these combo picks, and would love to see your approach to a variety of locks using them. I have the Sparrows version, but the only lock I can open with it is the master #3... no fanfare please. It feels too big for most locks. A snake rake works on lots of things, but is too short for spp on anything with deep set back pins. <br />Before I start nibbling away at the Medusa, I would love a double check on my technique, and pick choice for lock types. Only you, Obi-Wan. (no pressure)
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->The Medusa is great in North American style keyways and Lockwood keyways. That being said, I have used it on lots of Euro locks too... just ones with wider keyways. It’s a great pick, but a little situational. :-)
Lachlan Lachlan's Lab 23.12.2018
Nice little set lock noob
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->Thanks :-)
Don Don'z Lockz 23.12.2018
Very cute kit. Very small and portable. Probably suitable for short picking sessions. ???
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->Or a little back-up for a journey :-)
martialme84 martialme84 23.12.2018
Loved the review. Good video.<br />Thanks for making it!
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->Thanks :-)
brightarm brightarm 23.12.2018
Dont let the wierd look of the grips turn u off to this set. It is extremely comfortable to hold, unlike how it looks. If u carry picks edc, this is damn near perfect. I added a few L wrenches and miss a deep hook but wow This kit is greata
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->It’s a great kit imo :-)
John Egginton John Egginton 23.12.2018
Absolutely that mini kit over a jack knife. I’ve only got a cheap jack knife set but it’s not much good for anything. Maybe make some mini picks up myself ??
         Lock Noob Lock Noob 30.12.2018->:-)

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