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Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019
When I open the lock, the wheels turn harder than necessary. I had this lock opened partially before and probably tightened the screw too much. Break-down <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpohrP8-Q-w&amp;t=2m50s">2:50</a>, reassembly <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpohrP8-Q-w&amp;t=9m10s">9:10</a>, discussion <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpohrP8-Q-w&amp;t=9m35s">9:35</a>, improvement ideas <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpohrP8-Q-w&amp;t=19m58s">19:58</a><br /><br />Previews videos for understanding the context of this lock<br /><a href="https://youtu.be/QpzXUxFTU0c">https://youtu.be/QpzXUxFTU0c</a><br /><a href="https://youtu.be/OxEC_NX5o1g">https://youtu.be/OxEC_NX5o1g</a><br /><br />General information:<br /><br />Quote &quot; POLISH COMBINATION LOCK // New 100% Mechanical Combination Lock – Ultra Secure – 3.2 million unique combinations.&quot;<br /><br />The owner and inventor: Zbigniew Olejnik<br />Web site: <a href="https://www.polishlocks.com/">https://www.polishlocks.com/</a><br />youtube channel: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdgFa7Ur7q7sW38URiLCtUQ">https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdgFa7Ur7q7sW38URiLCtUQ</a><br />playlist: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8s3Ln9KdzY&amp;list=PLaQmDlBET810CDmLlX5gKCkrLg72z3NJ9">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8s3Ln9KdzY&amp;list=PLaQmDlBET810CDmLlX5gKCkrLg72z3NJ9</a><br />The challenge-video: <a href="https://youtu.be/s_wCaYa5N5s">https://youtu.be/s_wCaYa5N5s</a>
James Sempy James Sempy 19.06.2019
Hallo Potti, <br />I watched the 3 vids. and as usual it&#39;s a pleasure to watch your vids. <br />undecodable lock ?? that doesn&#39;t exist on earth. <br />I&#39;m confident you will end up decoding this beast. a matter of time.<br />also, this lock has no reset mechanism yet. I found some feedback coming from .RM in some locks.<br />if no mechanical feedback, then try acoustics: with a mike and a signal analyser using FT ( Fourier Transform) you may get some help, epecially with a mechanical prototype.<br />don&#39;t get discouraged.<br />bis Bald.
         Potti314 Potti314 20.06.2019->Thanks for watching buddy. Let's wait for the real model made from metal then all the operations will be much smoother.
Swynndla Swynndla 19.04.2019
Wow you are really good at dissecting things and figuring out how they work! :D :D Thank you for also explaining it so well. It would be interesting to see you with the metal version of this lock.
         Potti314 Potti314 19.04.2019->Thank you - yes, a metal version would definitely be great to reveal if decoding is possible.
Don Don'z Lockz 08.01.2019
If you can&#39;t get I to it, then no one can!??A metal prototype would be a better test though. An unique and interesting lock. ???
         Potti314 Potti314 08.01.2019->Haha, let's see what the next participant will do. Would love to play with a smoothly working metal lock.
Lock Noob Lock Noob 08.01.2019
Great video :-) I think this design has potential. By making the lock out of metal, the overall size could easily be reduced by over 50%. With 20 numbers per wheel and no easy way of decoding, 3 wheels would be adequate and reduce the thickness of the lock. The wheels could even be partially enclosed too, with the top of each wheel only being accessed from the top of the lock body. The opening wheel could either be recessed into the first number wheel or indeed, the unlocking mechanism could be made into a sprung button on the top/side of the lock.
         Polish Locks Polish Locks 08.01.2019->You are right I just finish project of full metal padlock with 4 wheels and the size is only 33mm thick, 44x40mm body and 8mm shackle. You can look at it on my web page. I am looking for someone with CNC to produce it for testing. Cheers.
Great video and well explained mate.?
         Potti314 Potti314 07.01.2019->Cheers and thanks for watching.
Southampton Lock Picking Club Southampton Lock Picking Club 06.01.2019
Certainly a very interesting and and secure lock but, as you point out, a more suitable lock for a safe, rather than a home application. Also, the friction issue needs to be addressed, as the roughness of this version, probably robbed you of a lot of feedback, but also if it was like this in the real world, could move two or moe reels at the same time, forcing one to have to reset the lock continuously. Not as you say, a good experience for it s owner. Would still like to see how the metal version feels and picks? Otherwise, great other suggestions for making this better and, a fantastic few videos about this lock Potti ?? Thanks for sharing this with us all and, for another super video too my friend ???? Sorry about such a late reply to this too.
         Southampton Lock Picking Club Southampton Lock Picking Club 06.01.2019->@Potti314 You too buddy and, thanks for sharing this lock with us all ??
         Potti314 Potti314 06.01.2019->Thanks for stopping by. There's still a lot work ahead with building the metal version but I think that we will see this lock again some day. Thanks for watching and commenting. Have a great start in the week.
Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 06.01.2019
very cool!
         Potti314 Potti314 06.01.2019->Thanks.
Gazz R Gazz R 05.01.2019
Very fair and honest review. Thanks for sharing Potti and take care mate.
         Potti314 Potti314 07.01.2019->Wonderful. Happy you like it. Now you have a variety of locks to play with.
         Gazz R Gazz R 07.01.2019->@Potti314 They just arrived :) Wow! Thank you so much Potti, i was'nt expecting so many. 3 abus, Wink Haus, EVVA, and more. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Thanks again.
         Gazz R Gazz R 06.01.2019->@Potti314 I'll keep my fingers crossed for luck :)
         Potti314 Potti314 06.01.2019->No tracking number. But I'm sure it will come.
         Gazz R Gazz R 06.01.2019->@Potti314 No trace whatsoever :( Do you have a tracking number?
Ken Nixon Ken Nixon 05.01.2019
As another thought to Zbigniew -- For a profitable venture I would consider making a combination lock with just 3 dials to compete in the market with traditional combination locks. By dropping to only 3 dials, perhaps it could be made to be cost competitive with the market. I think the novelty , ease of use, and security would make this a great addition to the lock world. If I was to make it go, I would patent it and sell the design, or a royalty basis, to Master Lock. You get a cut of every one made and see your invention come to fruition. Being able to change the combination would not be necessary, thus keeping cost down.
         Polish Locks Polish Locks 07.01.2019->@Potti314I have just sent direct e-mail to President Gregory B. Waugh in this company Paclock. We will see if they will be interested. For sure such a company could produce metal model very quickly . Thanks for advice.
         Potti314 Potti314 06.01.2019->Great idea to contact paclock.
         Enzo Guardino Enzo Guardino 06.01.2019->@Polish Locks Hello, I think your design is a step in the right direction and I hope the project gets made commercially. I would stay away from Master Lock. Have you thought about contacting Pacific Lock Company (https://www.paclock.com). From what I've seen, they are very serious about security, they listen to feedback from the Locksport Community and make great locks. If you follow Bosnian Bill 's YT channel you will surely see what I mean. ?
         Polish Locks Polish Locks 06.01.2019->Thank you Ken Nixon, it is valid what you point out. I had contacted with MasterLock almost half a year ago but nobody answer my questions. So I think when people like all of you will be interested in and will made any noise around this mechanism than such a companies could look at this as an opportunity for them. I agree that because this lock mechanism is very simple and scalable I made some exaggeration showing 5 wheels and 20 numbers but I like to proof that this lock is working even with such a complication. I agree with Potti314 to simplify this model and to produce i.e. 4x10 numbers on wheels. So I started to redesign my project PCL for such a small padlock. It will be beautiful having brass mechanism and stainless steel housing and shackle. I agree if it will be uncrackable so than 10 000 combinations for everyday small padlock will be enough. Will see what happen soon. Cheers Zbigniew. PS. All of you are very helpful and I appreciate your feedbacks.
GKeyman565 GKeyman565 05.01.2019
If you hold all the dials upwards, and turn the grey dial clockwise, can you see or feel individusl dials being pushed down by the fence or bar whatever he calls it, start with 1st dial and try untill its not being pushed down, next wheel, repeat
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->I tried it but the feedback is the weird as all wheels stick together and another moving wheel makes your wheel moving, too.
noakeswalker noakeswalker 05.01.2019
Good review of this 3D printed model - I see it as just that though - it&#39;s a &#39;concept&#39; only, and in metal a lot of the problems, as you said, would go away. Quite a lot of work to make a working model in metal though ! I don&#39;t agree that it would be cheaper to make than a standard &#39;safe&#39; type padlock mech though necessarily - lots of parts, and some might be hard to make - depends on the materials chosen I think. Also, imagine trying to describe the combination change method in a users&#39; manual, and the average user trying to actually do it :o( The &#39;clicky springy&#39; thing at each number that you suggest, we would call a &#39;spring detent&#39; in the UK, and I agree that would improve the user feel when twiddling the wheels.<br />It&#39;s an interesting design for a lock though, and Zbigniew must have put some hours in already - I bet the 3D print version didn&#39;t work at the first attempt :o)
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->You're right with the parts being different and hence more expensive to make. Still assembling the parts to the final lock might be easier in his lock. Changing the combo is still very user unfriendly - I agree ;-) Maybe a clever idea can make it easier.
Iggy Mac Iggy Mac 05.01.2019
Great review can&#39;t wait to see this make the rounds thanks buddy
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Cheers, it's for sure a lot of fun to see this lock developed further as well.
Lock Picking CROATIA Lock Picking CROATIA 05.01.2019
Can you Potti314 please write your @ in comm here?
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->potti314@web.de
Polish Locks Polish Locks 05.01.2019
Hello everybody. First of all I would like to thank very much to Potti314 for everything he did with my lock mechanism. I like his honest review and feedback. This is time for me to analyse all feedbacks from World-Wide decoding challenge to redesign my Polish Combination Lock mechanism to be better before real production started. This prototype made from plastic is just first &quot;rough&quot; version of my idea, just printed out from CAD without any special attention to details but to focus on working principium to show you the idea and to grab valid feedbacks. Of course as Potti314 pointed out the mechanism has a lot space for improvement and I will do it of course. Even now on my page you can download STL files with second version (white) where I improved a lot comparing to black version. You can see that even black one is quite secure at this moment. The plastic version has its limitations like tolerances for working and durability, the thickness must be at reasonable level. I am sure pure metal (brass and steel) would be much more compact, precise and user friendly. You can see maybe also that this project has now 200 000 combinations instead of 3.2 million as I mentioned but this is only because it is plastic model and has limitations as mentioned earlier. There ware questions about possible way to look inside to open it but this is not possible from outside even if you cut all wheels flat with surface you will not be able to open it from outside. Drilling attack can solve it and the mechanism must be protected somehow here as well. There is a lot to do further and you can see the progress on my page as well. I will continue the decoding challenge and next one is LockTube from Poland. I wish him good luck for decoding and count on such a great job like Potti314 did here. The more honest and detailed feedback I will receive the better will be the final product. I agree 100% with Potti314 and I like his deep level of expertise. Interesting remark to replace numbers with letters! It will limit the possible combinations using words but really nice concept. So again thanks Potti314 for your time and valid feedback I will continue my project and hopefully find someone for partnership to produce it. Cheers and happy picking as you said.<br />PS. This issue with turning too much for the actuator is solved already in white model: 1. the back plate is limit this, 2. the dead bolt is longer and 3. the actuator has better fit to dead bolt hole. All together align the actuator perfectly under locking cut in the household. You can download STL and see it in details. The shackle could have the locking cuts from both ends to allow locking regardless of the way you enter it. etc. etc.
         Polish Locks Polish Locks 06.01.2019->@Potti314you are great person. It is my pleasure to deal with you.
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Cheers buddy, it was an honor for me. looking forward to see / feel the metal prototype someday.
Rich Scott Rich Scott 05.01.2019
Very nice review and good feedback.
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Thank you.
Ken Nixon Ken Nixon 05.01.2019
Wow, you are hired to re-assemble locks -- super fast! (ha, ha) -- Very interesting design and quite a feat to make it all from a 3 D printer! Excellent job to Zbigniew! I think with the stepped down wheels, letters instead of numbers, and detent for each gate position, the lock would be much more user friendly. A changable feature could be implemented, similar to the wheels in safe locks, with an inner and outer section of each wheel unlocked with a change key. I don&#39;t agree with Potti as I think this lock would be quite expensive to produce, especially if used a changeable combination like I just previously mentioned. I note that each part is unique, and you cannot just use 3 each of the same wheels as in a safe lock. I think potti&#39;s suggestion of making this as a safe lock might make this project a profitable venture, however note that in a safe lock you can only use the normally provided small hold that just allows space for the dial shaft -- i.e., you would have to &quot;miniaturize&quot; concentric shafts from the outside of the safe door to the inside to the safe lock. I still would buy one.<br /><br />Ken
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Thanks for the remarks regarding the spindle in the thickness - I didn't consider that. Also you might right regarding manufacturing costs as the parts differ. Still I believe that assembling the parts of the mechanism would be easier in the polish lock,
         Ken Nixon Ken Nixon 05.01.2019->In my thoughts of making this as a safe lock, I note that safe doors are of variable thickness, thus making the "Miniaturize" concentric shaft idea even more difficult to implement. -- With a standard safe lock, you just cut the spindle shaft to the desired length -- Ken
Enzo Guardino Enzo Guardino 05.01.2019
Superb video, Potti. I think you covered every aspect of this very interesting lock.<br />In the prototype I don&#39;t see a way of changing the combination without taking it apart. I assume that Z. Olejnik will have some sort of mechanism to be able to do that in the final product. Although, I think it might add to the complexity of the locking system and I hope it won&#39;t reduce its security.<br />Btw, that&#39;s a lovely Sargent and Greenleaf padlock you have. I&#39;ve had an 8088 for 10 years and still can&#39;t decode it. I don&#39;t feel too bad about it as they are military grade locks. ?
         Potti314 Potti314 06.01.2019->Yes, this must be solved. I changed the code on the S&G once and for the first time - it was quite scary ;-) I even made a video about it as documentation if something would go wrong.
         Enzo Guardino Enzo Guardino 06.01.2019->@Potti314 Yes, I agree, dismantling the lock to change the combination is a bit extreme. Even the S&G, for example, has a complicated way of changing the combo, using a tool (we call it a punzone in Italy) when the lock is in an open state, but it doesn't have to be taken apart. I think it's a must-have feature in any combination lock, even if the lock has millions of possible codes. ?
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->I'm not in cracking safe locks - that's a totally different story - haha. I believe Z. Olejnik expects the user to disassemble the lock for changing the code, but I believe that the average user cannot do that.
Starrylock Starrylock 05.01.2019
Great review, interesting concept
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Thanks for stopping by.
LockpickingBelfast LockpickingBelfast 05.01.2019
Interesting couple of videos you&#39;ve done on this lock<br />I enjoyed them a lot, Thanks.<br /> I&#39;m guessing the dails would have some sort of spacers between them to ease fraction on the final lock? and the tolerances not as tight? making it a different animal altogether. <br />I don&#39;t know enough about this lock or safe locks to see it&#39;s potential but it&#39;s great their willing to show it before its production and possibly make changes.<br />More power to the designer.
         LockpickingBelfast LockpickingBelfast 05.01.2019->@Potti314 thanks for showing, I was subbed to him but I've never watched or even seen a video he's posted, but I hit the bell this time round ;)
         Potti314 Potti314 05.01.2019->Thanks - it was a totally different "work" to analyse a locking mechanism that is currently being developed. Not the usual picking - haha. I feel honored that I was asked for a review. Lot of work needs still to be done on calculating the dimensions and tolerances for the final metal lock.

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