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John Hunt John Hunt 06.12.2018
Congratulations on 2 Years anniversary and what a superb Giveaway I would definitely like to win this and you are a great person who has had problems to overcome hopefully sorted soon and all the Locksport community I am sure wish you well as we are all brothers in the sport Good luck with the Future hope all goes well
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 06.12.2018->Thank you John for those kind words and get well wishes! You are right, we are all family here!
Thank you watching?
Web.Of.Pins Web.Of.Pins 29.12.2018
Congrats on the 2 years. You also are over 400 subscribers too. great giveaway, I'd love to win, I think I'm late to the party though
         Web.Of.Pins Web.Of.Pins 06.01.2019->+Washington State Picker yes, i emailed you to take a look at the video before i posted it.
         Washington State Picker Washington State Picker 04.01.2019->Webofpins, did you get the package that I sent? I never heard from you nor did you put up an unboxing video.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 29.12.2018->Thank you and it's amazing to me how many people want to watch me.
No, you're good. I'll add you to the list.
cody Langston cody Langston 17.12.2018
Incredible giveaway, I would love to be included. Hope all goes well for you at the dr
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 17.12.2018->You are an the list my brother.
I'm doing better everyday thank you!
George Yorba George Yorba 11.12.2018
Congratulations on 2 years I enjoy watching your videos and would love to get in on the giveaway thank you and I hope your hand gets better soon
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 11.12.2018->Thank you for well wishes my dear friend! Thank you for watching my videos and first your support.
I'll include you in drawing.
Thanks for watching
iisdawin iisdawin 08.12.2018
Hope the hand is doing well.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 09.12.2018->+iisdawin Thank you!!
         iisdawin iisdawin 09.12.2018->Bronx-LockPicker60 awesome look forward to future videos.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 09.12.2018->+iisdawin I'm planning on that this coming.
         iisdawin iisdawin 09.12.2018->Bronx-LockPicker60 I’m glad to hear that. That way you can get back to picking and pinning. Keep up the great work
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 09.12.2018->Yes it is thank you for asking!!
Bill Bacardi Bill Bacardi 08.12.2018
Congratulations on two years brother, awesome giveaway buddy. Please count me out because I'd like to give everyone else a chance my friend.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 08.12.2018->Hey brother! Thank you very much!
You got it
?THUMPER? Lock Picking ?THUMPER? Lock Picking 08.12.2018
Congratulations on your two year a anniversary. You have a Great Channel. Count me in on your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 08.12.2018->Thank you for your support!
You are entered my friend. Good luck!
Primit1v3 NDE Primit1v3 NDE 07.12.2018
Congrats on 2yrs and 210 videos, Brother. Massive, generous giveaway. Count me in. My fingers are crossed the doctor lets you get back to picking soon!
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 07.12.2018->Hey brother, thank you kindly!
I'm able to return to picking but with Christmas around the corner, it's tough. But I'll try if I can.
You're in brother.
Thank you for watching
MUR- LOCK 68 MUR- LOCK 68 05.12.2018
Congratulations on the two year anniversary, well done! You have done some awesome videos,hope to see many more! Count me in!
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 05.12.2018->Thank you my good friend!
You're in!
Jason denney Jason denney 05.12.2018
Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! Awesome giveaway sure could use this stuff
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 05.12.2018->Thank you!
You're in
Don Don'z Lockz 05.12.2018
Congrats my friend, glad you're still kicking and hope you heal fast. Great giveaway, very generous buddy. Count me in. Take care and congrat's again.???
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 05.12.2018->Thank you my good man.
You're in!!
The Lock Picking Lebowski The Lock Picking Lebowski 04.12.2018
I've seen those deadbolt drilling jigs in steel. I wonder how that plastic version compares. It would definitely lighten the tool load.
         The Lock Picking Lebowski The Lock Picking Lebowski 05.12.2018->+Bronx-LockPicker60 Thanks, brother. Doing much better.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Well good luck
         The Lock Picking Lebowski The Lock Picking Lebowski 04.12.2018->+Bronx-LockPicker60Ah, right on, man. I've been holding off buying my own since my old boss has some at the shop. I think I'd go steel just to cover both wood and metal doors. I need to install a deadbolt on my back door. It currently has a knob lock, which is a chain key version I bought from Lockman28(The Forever Lock guy) a few years ago. Thanks for the info and for your videos. Keep up the good work. I need to get busy making videos again. I've been focusing heavily on physical therapy for many months. Still picking locks daily and still collecting. Have a great week!
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->I have a set in steel too.
These are designed for wood as well as metal doors. Once I locate a used wooden door I'll do a video using plastic jigs.
Thanks for watching my
FANTASTIC BROTHER ;;; has it been 2 years WOW time flys ..congratulations..you know your the one inspired me to stay with this great community and can't thank you enough buddy ?I enjoy watching all the videos from all lock sport related videos. Ya I know I'm still not ready to start my channel but every week it's much closer .love your channel keep the great videos coming..and hope everything goes good with the up coming appointment. I would like to be enter in the drawing. What a great well thought out drawing my friend .Thanks for the opportunity. ?
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Absolutely brother!!
         SUNCOAST PICKER SUNCOAST PICKER 04.12.2018->+Bronx-LockPicker60 thank you so much.?
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Hey buddy, nice hearing from you... Yes it's been 2 years brother. Hard to believe it. As for your channel, take all the time you need, when you're ready you'll know it.
I'll add you to list.
Pocket Women Pocket Women 04.12.2018
Congratulations on the two year anniversary.<br />Great bunch of goodies you are generous enough to giveaway to celebrate.<br />Count me in, I&#39;ve always installed door locks freehand, having a jig would be great.<br />I also have a small watch collection, The watch you are giving away is awesome,<br />A time piece to celebrate the passing of time. I like the way your brain works.<br />Take care buddy hope your hand is healing well, cheers matey
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you my good friend.
You were the only one to make the connection with the time piece.
You are in my friend!
Rookie Lock Rookie Lock 04.12.2018
Congrats on the Milestone buddy! Here&#39;s to many more years! I hope the new year brings you great health and many more awesome locks ;) Absolutely great giveaway buddy! If you don&#39;t mind, count me in, I have got to get a drill jig like that! Not to mention all the other great stuff! I am working towards my goal of becoming a locksmith so this would be awesome stuff to win! <br />WOW, the watch, that thing is a beauty! I used to have a Caravelle watch when I was younger but it wasn&#39;t as nice as that one.. Beauteous !<br />Again BLP, Congrats! I know I don&#39;t always comment, but your one of the first channels I watch when I get up in the morning, I love what your doing, keep up the great work buddy!
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you brother for all the kind words. Good luck in your endeavors my friend. I'll add you to the list.
Thank you for watching
Rev Rev's Picks 04.12.2018
thats an an amazing give away bud and well done count me in :)
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you my friend, you're in the list.
Dark Arts Lock Picking Dark Arts Lock Picking 04.12.2018
Congratulations brother. An absolutely wonderful giveaway. You can count me out brother. Let someone else have a chance to win. You have a fantastic channel and content. Keep legal bruv. ?????????
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you brother!
You're a great friend!
caveman Sparks caveman Sparks 04.12.2018
congrats on 2 years please enter me in the giveaway pleases thank you
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Good luck brother!
         caveman Sparks caveman Sparks 04.12.2018->+Bronx-LockPicker60 any time brother any time you are welcome
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you brother!
Absolutely brother.
Thank you for watching
Wayne WhizzUK Wayne WhizzUK 04.12.2018
Congrats on the 2 year anniversary. I&#39;m quite new to lock sport and as such i&#39;m a new subscriber to your channel so have some catching up to do. This is a great community everyone seems to support each other regardless of skill level. Count me in the draw please. Thanks.
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you Wayne for subscribing, and welcome to the community.
You're in brother!
paul springett paul springett 04.12.2018
Holy Moly! You have pulled out all stops on this giveaway. Two years, what a great milestone and as all would agree, here&#39;s to many years more. I am happy to be along side you on your journey Bronx. I will take my hat out of the ring at this time to give a greater chance to someone else who may not have the awesome goods that you are graciously giving away. Good to see you back my friend. Cheers:-)
         Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 04.12.2018->Thank you my good friend. I'm honored to call you my friend. You always have time to Email me no matter what's on your plate. I thank you for that and for everything you have done for me and this community!
You are the best!
Thank you for watching my friend!

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