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Jeff Moss Jeff Moss 26.12.2018
ouch! glad you are back. Very helpful video for those who have never done it.
Don Don'z Lockz 18.12.2018
Losing 3 teeth sounds nasty & painful. Guzzle down the med's & take care.? Great info on SFIC's, they are alien to many. Awesome kit's and cool factory security pin's. Get well soon & Merry Xmas buddy.?????
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 18.12.2018->@Don'z Lockz
Yep yep, them good lols days. Lol
         Don Don'z Lockz 18.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings I know right! I smacked my mouth with a pair of pliers tightening up wire for a chandelier. Put a hole in my lip and chipped my front tooth, tons of blood in a client's new expensive house and custom carpet. Luckily my shirt absorbed all the blood while I got out. Ahh, the good old days, lol. Peace be with you buddy.??
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 18.12.2018->Thank you for your kindness buddy,
Yeah it has sucked... all for a smack in the mouth. SMH hahhahah
caveman Sparks caveman Sparks 16.12.2018
prayers go out to you and your family bud for a good and fast recovery
Lock Noob Lock Noob 15.12.2018
Cool vid and really interesting! Foxxy an£ Pete Restall developed that 3D tool, very cool :-) I’d love all that kit!
William Mancel William Mancel 15.12.2018
Sorry to hear about the abscess my friend. I go through those by using fish meds antibiotics, and aspirin. Very painful &amp; you feel as if you are going to die from the pain, swelling, infection. You will get better brother. I can&#39;t afford a doctor, so it&#39;s do it yourself repair for me. <br />Great information on the sfic&#39;s.<br />Any tips, or tricks, for picking Best to control? I have two Best padlocks with Best cores that only want to pick, or rake to operate. I&#39;ve seen some homemade tension wrenches with humps, but I don&#39;t know what they are tensioning on, or if it is effective.
         William Mancel William Mancel 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings Thanks for the tips buddy. I looked at the two sfic's I have with keys, that you sent, and the difference between the control keys & operating, trying to see if the last pin is always set high. If I get either of those two to control, it will be a big happy day for me. ?
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks brother, I would not be able to see a Dr either if I hadn't been blown up in Iraq back in the day. They better (The government) pick up the Dr. Tab Lol
Now the sfic... the best tip I can give is to try more radical bittings. Set the first pin all the way up as far as possible and the next as short as possible, back and forth along with the raking in more radical steps. Other than that Jeff Moss knows people who are picking gods. Lol
They can pick them to control or look up the cuts. I tend to work out swaps of locks he is looking for, for a control fix. He is the one who got those little ones I had and couldn't get control out of them the control bitting on them is so radical I would never guessed. Lol
?THUMPER? Lock Picking ?THUMPER? Lock Picking 15.12.2018
I&#39;m in the same boat, had surgery on my shoulder and collarbone, hurts like hell. Great video brother, I hope you feel better soon.
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks for watching bud,
And I hope you feel better soon.
Southampton Lock Picking Club Southampton Lock Picking Club 15.12.2018
Another super video mate and, sorry to hear about your accident buddy. Hope you fully recover soon and, thanks for sharing this all with us ?? Have a great weekend too my friend and, if we don&#39;t see you again prior to the holidays, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year buddy - No party games, like &quot;fling your spring&quot; though lol ??? Otherwise, anything goes - cheers! ????
         Southampton Lock Picking Club Southampton Lock Picking Club 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings Lmao ????
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks bro,
I am a pro at fling the spring!!!! Lol
John Mccormick John Mccormick 15.12.2018
Very cool video on SFIC’s .... pretty advanced stuff !<br />Hope you make a full recovery soon my friend!!!
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks bud, I appreciate your support
Bearsback Bearsback 15.12.2018
Great job buddy, Hope you get better soon.
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks bro, I appreciate your support
Fast Charlie Fast Charlie 15.12.2018
Very cool, informative and interesting video. I wish you well with your recovery - it really stinks that happened to you.
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks buddy,
It could have been worse overall that is. Lol
Cherokee Cherokee 15.12.2018
Good vid ??
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thank you for watching
Bronx-LockPicker60 Bronx-LockPicker60 15.12.2018
Awesome video brother, glad you clarify what you meant with &quot;the dump&quot;! LMAO. Very welled explained too brother. <br />Thank you for sharing
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Haha, well brother I surely didn't want to put out the wrong idea. Lmao
Happy pickin brother
Leon Leon's lockpad 15.12.2018
Awesome video my friend I hope you get better soon not nice having an abscess very painful take care buddy?????????
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks and yeah SUCKS!!! LOL
chris capune chris capune 15.12.2018
Great video!!!<br />Wishing you a fast recovery!!!<br />It’s the worst when you hurt and can’t work!!<br />Hang in there brother!!!<br />???
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks buddy, and yeah the boredom is awful
FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 15.12.2018
Good to see you back bro. Very cool in depth video on pinning up a 1 key sfic.<br />Its the first time I&#39;ve seen the spool pins and drivers?? Cheers for sharing <br />I&#39;ve always wondered why SFIC&#39;s have a drill mark on the back of the control sleeves
         FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings OK cheers bud ?? I bought a set of 10 with all different profiles off ebay, prob 3 months back for $8 delivered. Seller just had them listed as lockpicks from a large locksport collection with no branding names.
Thought they may have been from banggood or some other Chinese made picks. Would not have guessed it come from petersons lol.
I find they are not bad quality for the price, as I do prefer my Peterson picks ??
Cheers for the insight my friend.
Take care and be well bro
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->@FunKey MonKey
I got several off them from Peterson's.
They are called swoop profile.? But don't quote me there. Lol?
I find them to be useful in certain situations. ? And rubbish in others.
I don't think they were much in cost?
Is why I had gotten 5 of each in that category... spring steel not there government steel top quality ones. And they were 1US dollar each. I will order several more when I order more picks from Petersons. A great deal considering Peterson is the most expensive overall.
Cheers buddy and happy pickin
         FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings hi brother, i forgot to ask, what brand is that swoop/glide pick that you have with yellow shrink wrap. The one to the right side of your pick roll, next to the wooden pick? I notice it every time I watch your vids and curious because I have a set of 10 with the same shape but no idea what brand they are?
         FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings I noticed all the sfic I have, have similar marks to yours. some are also on the top corner of the sleeve.
My best guess is that it may be part of the machining process. Still odd nonetheless ?
Stay safe and be well brother
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks buddy, now I am curious about the mark on the control sleeve too. Lol I will look into it and let you know
Iggy Mac Iggy Mac 15.12.2018
Wow bro so sorry to hear about your accident glad your doing better sending prayers you and your family bro. Great video bud
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks brother, I appreciate all the prayers
6taku9 6taku9 15.12.2018
I can&#39;t believe I hadn&#39;t subscribed to your channel before. Very nice and informative. I don&#39;t mind the longer videos. Doing stuff takes time. <br />What is the purpose of one key for operation and the control? Is this common or just something to do?<br />So you just used 5 pins for control and 6 for operation, right?<br />Anyway, i can honestly say I enjoy these types of videos over watching locks being picked and gutted. I get it.. there is a lot of talented lock pickers, but it&#39;s not that informative just seeing that, so thank you for taking time to show this.
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->@6taku9
Well the have to is a BIG statement...
None have to use the block but most need it to keep from the explosion of pins if taken apart the traditional way. Especially if they are master pinned. Just really hard to keep the pins in line with each chamber. And the Annex keeps it all together
         6taku9 6taku9 15.12.2018->@Steel Pinnings Does some have to have the block and capping tool to re-pin sfic or does that just make it easier?
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thank you very much, I try to make my videos more for a purpose or point... as well as the challenge locks of course.
And yeah exactly the premise of the 1 key sfic. 6pin operates and 5 pins control... it drops the security level very little and only a little if you don't populate the #1pin.
But overall the purpose is to lessen the hassle of the control key getting lost like most of the sfic on Ebay without a control key.
And just something different to do. Lol
SasPes SasPes 15.12.2018
Very cool video, hope you get well as soon as possible ;) Bravo!
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thanks bud
lockmania lockmania 15.12.2018
Sorry to hear about your acceident Hope you get Better?, great pinning my friend
         Steel Pinnings Steel Pinnings 15.12.2018->Thank you my friend

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