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Zeljko Trogrlic Zeljko Trogrlic 06.06.2019
I would use it for a kick scooter because it is inexpensive and cable must be tight (loop goes through front wheel and around nearest part of frame).
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 06.06.2019->Zeljko Trogrlic It would work fine for that as long as you weren’t relying on it for high security.
Spigot Spigot 14.12.2018
I could see something like this being used in the same way lockout padlocks are used, to prevent someone accidentally operating machinery whilst it's damaged or being worked on, where it's not meant to stop people deliberately circumventing security, but instead operate as a reminder etc. So for example someone is working on industrial equipment and need it to remain off, so you'd secure the control-panel/fuse-box and so forth.
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 15.12.2018->That's a good idea actually, I never considered that. It would also be more flexible (in more than one way!) than most padlocks and could even be used to lock more than one object at once. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for watching!
Potti314 Potti314 09.11.2018
Pretty neat for low security application. Thanks for mentioning my video - I remember that was was quite rough and pulled out the cable with force ;-)
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 09.11.2018->I'm quite glad that I'm not the only one who has explored the wonders of this lock! Undoubtedly not the strongest lock out there, and if your friend/colleague or whoever it was was actually securing their bike with it maybe it wasn't so bad that they lost their key and had to destroy the lock! It has it's place, as long as you use it wisely it's fine! I wonder if maybe your lock was older and the sun had affected the plastic coating to make it more brittle and thus easier to pull out?
Pick Beard Pick Beard 07.11.2018
A handy little device.<br />Like you said not high security, but at least it&#39;s not trying or more importantly claiming to be something it&#39;s not?????<br />Might be useful for attaching a motor bike helmet to the bike as doesn&#39;t look like it would scratch anything ??
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 07.11.2018->Thanks for stopping by buddy, I also thought it might be handy to secure a helmet or other bike accessories, perhaps even a saddle.
BlackDolphin90 BlackDolphin90 07.11.2018
I would lock my wheelie bins together lol
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 07.11.2018->Heh I never thought of that one, thanks for the suggestion!
Bearsback Bearsback 06.11.2018
Great job my friend, I like the odd locks myself.
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 07.11.2018->The odder the better buddy, thanks for stopping by ;-)
Leon Leon's lockpad 06.11.2018
Cracking job Ethan my friend even though it&#39;s not high security its a very cool lock???????
         Hobby Picker Hobby Picker 06.11.2018->Definitely a fun little lock to play with, it has put up more resistance to picking in the past, I must just have been lucky this time!

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