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VIRO TS-4215 [475] Viro TS-4215 7-Pin Armored Shutter Lock Picked ()

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: VIRO. Артикул: TS-4215
Описание: TS-4215 [475] Viro TS-4215 7-Pin Armored Shutter Lock Picked ()
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Время взлома: 2 мин

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douro20 douro20 28.05.2017
These are quite expensive for what they are.
R. Akers R. Akers 23.05.2017
well explained!<br />Thanks.<br />R
Todd Edelman Todd Edelman 21.05.2017
Have you considered having for us tomorrow a little animation etc in the corner that shows actual picking time?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->That's ways beyond my technical skills...  I do everything on my phone -- even editing when necessary.
Marc Scotland Marc Scotland 20.05.2017
how many people say along with him wether it be aloud or in your head; &#39;This is the lock picking lawyer and what i have for you today is&#39;... everytime it gets me, its drilled into me!!!
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->:-D
joseph crosby mecham joseph crosby mecham 20.05.2017
Man, this is weird. It&#39;s like you read my mind. In the video with the lock that has the huge shackle I was going to ask about the limits in the other direction (ignoring the obvious limitations of a tiny lock to physical attack) This one isn&#39;t extreme and the physical resistance is quite good but it seemed to me that the cuts were smaller and more tightly packed. Could a lock approach &quot;unpickability&quot; by increasing the number of pins while decreasing their size in order to fit the same space? Then the other question that goes along is, At what point do the pins become so fine that a person of slightly above average power can simply force the core to turn with brute strength, shearing the pins in the process? <br />Heck maybe I&#39;m up in the night again but it SEEMS like a reasonable idea about which to wonder.
         joseph crosby mecham joseph crosby mecham 11.06.2017->@LockPickingLawyer It took me a minute but I understand exactly and you have answered my question fully. Thanks again.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 30.05.2017->joseph crosby mecham Maximum adjacent cut specification.... lets say a schlage lock allows cuts of 0-9, with a macs of 7... that means that cuts must be within 7, so you can't have a 0 and 9 next to each other.
         joseph crosby mecham joseph crosby mecham 29.05.2017->I'll have to look up MACS. Will I have to know what it stands for?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->No idea... on any of the questions.  One issue to note is that tightly packing pins makes MACS go down, so you start losing bitting options.
Anuar Friedrich Gentsch Anuar Friedrich Gentsch 20.05.2017
hey. if i sent you my bike chain lock abus city chaine granit x plus. would you pick it and sent it back?
         Ben Braceletspurple Ben Braceletspurple 17.11.2019->@LockPickingLawyer how easy would it be for someone to use a disc retainer pick on a bike lock that was left overnight every night for years at a grocery store? Could someone stage their ability to pick it easily so that it could be done quickly?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Nope... The Abus Plus core is nasty, and I'm not terribly experienced with disc detainer locks.
no-trick-pony_lockpicking no-trick-pony_lockpicking 19.05.2017
Nice lock &amp; picking.<br />Just curious: Any idea though what happened with pin 3? There was nothing when you first checked him but you didn&#39;t set him later consciously, or did I miss it?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->That happened... a pin doesn't click, but my probing gets it to catch on the shear line.
STIG..LOCKS..R STIG..LOCKS..R 19.05.2017
lovely little lock plenty of spools I cant under stand y people some times dislike your vids there allways great any way I suppose every one is entitled to there own apinion any wy stay cool man and keep up the good work my friend thanks stiglocks..r
         STIG..LOCKS..R STIG..LOCKS..R 29.05.2017->i was not disliking your video I love them all I ment that it was me who dosent have a brain that's y I said I didn't under stand I am very sorry that u thought this I didn't xplain very well that's all please forgive me
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->It doesn't bother me... That said, I still remember the first dislike I ever got.  It was on a Kale Kilit (Turkish) lock... I used YT analytics to trace the dislike, and unsurprisingly, it came from a viewer in Turkey.  Since then, I just laugh.
Satisek Satisek 19.05.2017
The bidding on the key looks so bad it makes me wonder why they even bothered installing a lock on this padlock in the first place.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->It's not great, but not THAT bad either.
Darren Jacobson Darren Jacobson 19.05.2017
It&#39;s my understanding that this type of lock is used on storefronts. So I was just curious if you woould recommend this lock for such purposes? Also, what does it usually sell for?
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->This lock has not been made for some time... no idea what they were back when made.
M C M C 19.05.2017
you are with out dought good at this. now lets see you work on some real High Security locks. just for kicks try doing an abloy <a href="http://protec.to">protec.to</a> show people what they should be geting. thamk you
         Ben Braceletspurple Ben Braceletspurple 17.11.2019->@LockPickingLawyer the viro is the only brand large enough for 12mm chains I can find. But the disc-lock forgetaboutit Kryptonite is close, maybe more intelligent resistant.

Do you think Viro locks put on the Pewag hardened chains are good enough locks? Physical security is top question where I am but someone just stole a disc cylinder lock with the same laser cut keyway other high security "unpickable" locks have.
         douro20 douro20 28.06.2017->They can be decoded; attempting to pick them is very impractical because of the insanely tight tolerances, lots of false gates, a special mechanism to block the rotation of the plug, and the fact that there can be multiple locations for the driver disc and lots of dummy discs.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->I can't pick an abloy protec... but if you go through my videos, you will see several high security locks.
Brian Hignett Brian Hignett 19.05.2017
Hi Harry, Nice to see another Viro shutter, still have mine of course, and thanks once again. It seems unusual to see seven pins in the same space as a normal five pin key - makes you wonder what the maximum adjacent cuts are (MAC) It doesn&#39;t seem to me that there could, or would be, a lot of adjacent highs and lows. Thinner pins for sure, but perhaps relying on the seven pins instead. You mentioned over set, and I&#39;ve found the same thing with spools, a tight keyway, and a thin pick. The tip of the pick flexes, and can actually flick the key pin across the shearline - glad it doesn&#39;t just happen to me! Pretty to watch .... as usual, well done! Regards, Brian.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks... I never gave much thought to the reasons for the overset.  I figured that I was just being sloppy, but what you say makes sense.
Danny Blue Danny Blue 19.05.2017
I wonder if they have one with 7 spools that will fit in the disc brake vent holes of a motorcycle? Seems like these locks would make for great theft deterrent, as you&#39;d need a very steady hand cutting them off, and not in a hurry. That, or you aren&#39;t riding the bike away lol. You need that front disc to stop or you&#39;re toast lol. don&#39;t need the most impressive shackle if it&#39;s this style either, unless you want extra safety... just something to keep opportunist thieves away. If they&#39;re picking it up anyway, you&#39;re screwed as it is lol
nks nks nks nks 19.05.2017
I am following your channel for quite a while now, and I really like it. Keep up the good work! But one thing I&#39;ve always wondered since following this channel: could you also do a vid about reassembling a lock? There are plenty videos about &quot;gutting&quot;, but I wonder how you&#39;d get the thing back together afterwards..
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks... I've only done one before, video 271.  I'll do another sometime in the near future.
Southampton Lock Picking Club Southampton Lock Picking Club 19.05.2017
Wow, a Viro shutter lock that small and, with 7 pins ? Impressive! My bet is all are spools from that slop in the core and counter rotation feedback. Nice picking video bud and, nice lock too ??
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks... and yes, 7 spools as far as I can tell.
Leon Leon's lockpad 19.05.2017
great job buddy?????
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks.
James Murphy James Murphy 19.05.2017
Impressive pick! Thank for the video
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks.
xrayneoo xrayneoo 19.05.2017
Great lock, goo job picking. Master locks should learn from this locks manufactures.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks.
Potti314 Potti314 18.05.2017
Great lock and super nice picking.
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks
l.fisk l.fisk 18.05.2017
Looks like that would make a good lock for your custom gun lock build. Provided you can remove the bolt without a lot of difficulty... <br /><br />As always, nice picking and very nice shutter lock. Don&#39;t think I&#39;ll be finding one like that locally any time soon ;-)
         LockPickingLawyer LockPickingLawyer 29.05.2017->Thanks... as for the gun lock, I'd prefer more pick resistance.

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