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ABLOY Lock Picking Lockwood ASSA ABLOY 110/40 Padlock

Категория: Испытание замков (взлом, тестирование)
Метод тестирования: Взлом отмычками
Замок. Производитель: ABLOY. Артикул:
Описание: Lock Picking Lockwood ASSA ABLOY 110/40 Padlock
930 просмотров
Время взлома: 2 мин

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JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 03.06.2018
Hey guys thanks for watching ~ for more Lockwood Padlocks Click the link below...<br /><a href="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvW-6Xv7dRi7iImkmbZuzVJ-M4DaQrlwF">https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvW-6Xv7dRi7iImkmbZuzVJ-M4DaQrlwF</a>
UN-common Sense AUS UN-common Sense AUS 08.01.2020
what lube did you use on this one mate ?
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 08.01.2020->UN...it was more then most likely be from Victornox oil. You know the Swiss army knife maker.
Don Don'z Lockz 04.08.2018
You like collecting &amp; picking stock locks from all over the place. Very cool. Good job on our Aussie locks.????
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 05.08.2018->Thanks Don'z ~ Out all the locks I think Lockwood has them beat for being well made and smooth. As far as Picking toughness I would say Abus is good all around.
waddac2 waddac2 12.06.2018
Great picking buddy and again, nice padlock. Never picked a lockwood before.
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 12.06.2018->Waddac2 ~ Thanks for watching, Lockwood's are fun lock especially 334C45 very beautiful and fun to pick.
Jerry Welch Jerry Welch 04.06.2018
love the Lockwood locks great job
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 05.06.2018->Thanks Jerry ~ Yeah they are I got 2 that I can't pick yet but I'm sure I'll get them.
Bearsback Bearsback 03.06.2018
Very nice picking my friend.
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 04.06.2018->Thanks for watching Bear...
John Mccormick John Mccormick 03.06.2018
Nice picking &amp; advice ??
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 04.06.2018->Thanks John ~ Yeah it's something I haven been noticing more and more the dryer the lock the harder it is to pick.
Leon Leon's lockpad 03.06.2018
Cool lock my friend nicely done??????
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 03.06.2018->Thanks Leon ~ More to come soon.
William Mancel William Mancel 03.06.2018
Another great looking Lockwood. Nice picking. Lube really helps on old locks, and can&#39;t hurt to add more on a new lock.
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 03.06.2018->Thanks William ~ You know I'm finding more and more luv helps if I can't get a lock open always add some and wait a day seems to work.
Daz Evers Daz Evers 03.06.2018
Nicely done my friend ?
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 03.06.2018->Thanks Daz ~ Almost done with the Lockwood's got 3 or 4 more and that should be a good sample size.
FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 03.06.2018
Awesome yet fun little pick mate. ??<br />I have destroyed a few of these along with the 120/50 and they house at least 2 or 3 deep spools. Surprised to find no serrated pins.
         UN-common Sense AUS UN-common Sense AUS 08.01.2020->@FunKey MonKey thanks mate, i will take you up on that no doubt, I have a gang of lockwoods, abus and abloy padlocks from a previous job. Now that I'm learning how to and getting into picking I'm glad to know I have some good quality locks, unfortunatly theyre too good for me to pick at the moment lol..

I'll reach out in the coming days and see if i cant "pick" (pun intended lol) your brain a little about em
         FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 08.01.2020->@UN-common Sense AUS lockwoods in general are prone to kicking you in the balls lol
Even I struggled to pick them when I first started. I've picked so many different lockwoods over 2 years of picking, bow I can pick them pretty swiftly.

A quick tip for picking Lockwoods, focus on the amount of tension your using. For the general use padlocks like this one they are pretty easy to get the feel for what pin needs setting.
If you ever get your hands on a newer rekeyable lockwood padlock like a 334B45, 356S63 or a 270S70 you'll need to use super ultra light tension to overcome the sharp lipped assa spools. Tension so light that you are barely resting your finger on it.

If you ever need any help or tips, you can always contact me on any of my lockwood videos as I mostly pick lockwoods.
Cheers ??????
         UN-common Sense AUS UN-common Sense AUS 08.01.2020->@FunKey MonKey oh man, ive been working on one of these for weeks now (admittedly im quite new to picking) its kicking my ass, i can pick masterlock140's and other similar sec pinned locks but yeah, strugglin' a bit on this biznitch..
         FunKey MonKey FunKey MonKey 03.06.2018->jmmurdy
I have found the 120/50 and 110/30 to have 2 standards and 3 spools. Its prob the beveled edges that gives you the small false sets ?
Always makes them a fun lock to pick mate ?
         JM Lockpicking JM Lockpicking 03.06.2018->Thanks Monkey ~ You know may those tiny false sets might be the serrations but maybe not.

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