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    Tools for Locksmithing
    http: //www.lockpicking 101.com
    Postby Varjeal

    This will most likely take awhile to fully compile, but I'll try and give ya a rather comprehensive tool list in case you're wondering why locksmiths want vans to carry their gear around in.

    We'll start with the basic hand tools:

    1. Set of phillips screwdrivers from tiny to large.
    2. Set of plain screwdrivers from tiny to large.
    3. Set of robertson screwdrivers from tiny to large.
    4. Set of torx drivers.
    5. Good set of hex keys.
    6. Vise grips (needle nose and regular)
    7. Pliers (needle nose, bent needle, regular)
    8. 6-8" crescent wrench.
    9. 3 hammers (light 6 or 8 oz) one plastic, one heavy deadblow.
    10. Set of files including a grobert or swiss #2 or #4 for impressioning.
    11. Cleaning card, or brush to clean files.
    12. Set of chisels 3/4", 1" 1 1/4".
    13. 8" Level
    14. Pencil, marker
    15. Auto center punch, pin punch, center punch, awl
    16. Set of Tin snips (right, left, center)
    17. Multi-driver screwdriver w/various bits and including security bits.
    18. Flashlight.
    19. One of them disposable carpenter's knives where you can replace the blades.
    20. Imperial/Metric tape measure.
    21. Calculator
    22. Machinist square 12" & carpenter's square
    23. Digital Caliper.
    24. Set of picks (regular, tubular, pickgun), key extractors, depth keys, turning wrenches for lock roses, unican combo lock change keys.
    25. Can of spray lubricant, lock de-icer
    26. Wire cutters/strippers/crimpers.
    27. Pipe wrench, crowbar, brass drift.
    28. Snap-ring pliers (reversible)
    29. Formed end long tweezers.
    30. Set of plug followers and cap removal tools.
    31. Electrical tape.
    32. Duct tape.
    33. Roll of wire.
    34. Hand plane for fitting doors etc.
    35. Roll of shop towels and hand cleaner.
    36. Hacksaw and spare blades.
    37. 9" Borescope (not mandatory unless you're doing safe work)
    38. 3/8" & 1/2" Socket and ratchet set
    39. Set of Nut drivers.
    40. Set of wrenches/spanners 3/8-15/16 and metric 3-15mm
    41. Complete set of auto opening tools + manuals/updates.
    42. 2' & 5' Step-ladder.
    43. Dustpan and brush.
    44. Garbage bags or box for debris such as broken lock parts, etc.
    45. Tap & die set.
    46. Portable work table/surface and stool.
    47. Extending Magnet.
    48. Jig/knockout for cam lock installation.
    49. Digital Camera.
    50. Compression plate and steering wheel removal tools.

    Some type of carrying cases for all of the above.

    Alrighty..next on the list, my personal favorite...POWER TOOLS!

    1. 18V 1/2" Cordless drill with extra batteries, charger, and hole saws. 1/2",3/4",1",1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2 1/8". Set of titanium/cobalt bits 1/16 to 3/4". Masonry bits 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", assortment of uni-bits.
    2. 9.6V 3/8" Cordless drill or screwdriver, extra batteries, charger, and bits.
    3. 1/2" Hammer Drill (Corded), Lever Rig, Safe Bits.
    4. Good key duplicating machine such as the Silica Bravo Semi-auto.
    5. Good code machine such as the 1200 Blitz or ITL-950 or 950C +software of course.
    6. Scotsman Tubular key machine.
    7. Laptop computer, printer, and cell phone.
    8. 2-3000 watt power inverter
    9. Dremel tool with accesories such as cut-off wheels, router attachment, etc.
    10. High speed router.
    11. Jigsaw. (if you install/repair wood door frames.)
    12. Mortising Jig.
    13. Couple of extension cords. Thanks to I Pik U for that addition.
    14. 4" & 6" angle grinder

    6 hard plate drill bits
    1 x Letterbox opening kit
    1 x pack Mica
    1 x plug spinner
    set of thumb turn turners
    1 x snapper bar
    Full Set Of ICL Bump Keys
    ICL Bump Hammer
    Set mini jiggler keys
    1 x electric pick gun
    13 piece hand pick set
    1 x disc detainer padlock pick
    1 x box padlock shims
    1 x universal lever padlock pick
    1 x set lever wires
    1 set 3 lever jiggler keys
    1 x 6g 2in1 pick
    1 x 7g 2in1 pick
    1 x ICL curtain pick set 5g and 7g tools
    1 x drill template
    1 x set training covers
    1 x drop key
    1 x chubb 3G114 decoder
    1 x union decoder
    1 x CB 5g curtain pick
    1 x ICL mortice lock id manual
    1 x lock and picking Cd

    And this for auto calls:

    1 x unikey Mk2 opening kit
    1 x 5ft super snare
    1 x switch stick
    1 x ICL auto overlifter set
    1 x set VAG jigglers
    1 x heavy duty air wedge
    1 x set auto jigglers
    Full set of 10 laser picks
    1 x set of BMW and VAG rakes
    1 set of ford tibbe picks
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