• Автоматизированный взломщик лимбовых замков

    В наше время существуют разнообразные способы автоматизированного взлома лимбовых комбинационных замков, главное их достоинство - простота использования

    данный агрегат применяется к моделям S&G 8500-S&G 8400
    Grant Jordan and I built this safe cracking robot in 2006. It’s designed to open any safe that uses a Sergent and Greenleaf 8500 series lock. These locks are classified as “manipulation proof” by the manufacturer.

    3d model of S&G 8500 safe cracker

    The robot attaches to the front of a safe using two magnets at the base of the aluminum support columns. It’s controlled by a laptop that connects to the robot’s controller board via USB. Grant wrote a Java GUI to control the machine and display the dial position, the combination being tried, and the detected working combination. We have the rotational speed dialed down pretty low in this video to make it more camera-friendly.
    Before building this robot, we built a machine that could crack an S&G 8400 series lock. These locks have a butterfly knob in the center of the dial that must rotated to open the safe. To learn more, check out my post about our original robot...
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